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 They loved not their lives unto death:

“Now I have given up on everything else. I have found it to be the only way to really know Christ and to experience the mighty power that brought Him back to life again, and to find out what it means to suffer and to die with Him. So, whatever it takes I will me one who lives in the fresh newness of life of those who are alive from the dead.”-Cassie Bernall, 17, Columbine martyr

“I have no more personal friends at school. But you know what? I am not going to apologize for speaking the name of Jesus. I am not going to justify my faith to them, and I am not going to hide the light that God has put into me. If I have to sacrifice everything, I will. I will take it. If my friends have to become my enemies for me to be with my best friend, Jesus, then that’s fine with me.”-Rachel Scott, Columbine martyr

“Father take my life, yes, my blood if Thou wilt, and consume it with Thine enveloping fire. I would not save it, for it is not mine to save. Have it lord, have it all. Pour out my life as in oblation for the world. Blood is the only value as it flows before Thine altar.”-Jim Elliot, martyr (written at age 21)


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 Re: They loved not their lives unto death:

those are all great. thanks for posting them. i am always encouraged when i read of the faith of those who gave it all for Christ. Fox's Book of Martyrs is a classic that all Christians should read.

Joe Auvil

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