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Locport, Illinois


wow that George middlebrook sermon was great. Straight from the heart. Those are the best sermons. Thanks Lysa

John Beechy

 2011/6/2 1:26Profile

 Re: Recommend the best sermon ever....

This site has lots of tremendous sermons, but "Ten Shekels and a Shirt" by Paris Reidhead (Recommended on the front page) has been the most helpful to me. So anointed. It is a message that establishes the foundation of Christianity better than any other sermon I've heard, though that's relatively few. It did shake me greatly and continues to. I know many others have the same testimony.

 2011/6/2 3:36

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Thank you all for responding. Praise the Lord.
I guess we have lots of sermons to listen to b4 Sunday to pick and choose from.

I foresee the next couple of days will be a time of uncomfortableness for my flesh, and humbling myself before Jesus.

We live in the Cook Islands and so our internet sadly is not up to speed for allowing us to watch videos. But thank you again for sharing the link.

Bless you all & thank you again.

Mrs Carter

 2011/6/2 4:03Profile

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Recommend the best sermon ever....

My bad about saying "video," the link I posted about George Middlebrook is in AUDIO!! And the download should go fairly quickly for you since it's approx 35 minutes long!

Sorry about the confusion.

God bless you and your get together!!!


 2011/6/2 6:34Profile

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