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 Looking for a Jewish Evangelism Ministry

I have greatly appreciated the many excellent missions and ministry recommendations and endorsements that have come through sermonindex such as GFA and Voice of the Martyrs. Some of my most precious moments with Jesus have been connected to these mission agencies who so reflect the passion and aggressive love of Jesus.

I was wondering if any of you would care to endorse or recommend a ministry that does missions work to Jews in Israel or spread throughout the rest of the world. I'm well aware of Dr. Michael Brown's work with Jewish apologetics and Real Messiah; I'm not looking for resources but a ministry to pray for and support as the Lord leads.

Does anyone have experience with Jews for Jesus?


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 Re: Looking for a Jewish Evangelism Ministry

Moriel ministries have an outreach to Jews and non Jews.The are ran by Jacob Prasch who has a couple of sermons on sermonindex I think.
Maybe thats what you are looking for.They have a website.
Over the years I have listened to his teaching on and off and recently I have seen him on Tv again and I would reccomend him.Staff

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 Re: Looking for a Jewish Evangelism Ministry

I could be wrong but I'm thinking that Art Katz wouldn't have much to do with Jews for Jesus; you would have to listen to some of his sermons to find out more.

Art also said that God has put his people in the most remote areas and that we should pray for the Lord to show us who they around us so we can pray for an introduction!

Many blessings in your search,


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