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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : My trip to Israel..Thank you for prayin!

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 My trip to Israel..Thank you for prayin!

For all who were praying during my trip to Israel I would like to share a few words of my journey.
My journey to Israel was tiring but blessed.
I went with a group of 10 people, all friends of mine, and a Jewish guide who is living in the Netherlands for 20 years and married to a Dutch lady. Most things I was able to attend, except one real heavy hiking trip on Mount Arbel. But I had a wonderful time with the Lord, on the food of the mountain, ( waiting for my friends to come back ) …sitting on jesus feet …and looking to an awesome landscape…. He blessed my soul deeply.!
We went to different places in Israel and it made the Word come alive to me more.
To be on the Mount of olives and see the contours of Jerusalem, to walk true the ages old gates, pray on the walls, strolling in the streets of the old town, walking on the rooftops, meeting people in kibbutz and settlements, seeing Jews dancing and praying at the wall, meeting believers in Jesus and sitting and singing in Gethsemane…Looking at the Golgotha site…walking to Ein Gedi,..floating in the Dead See…2 special places I deeply touched my heart. ..
Shiloh, the place the Tabernacle of the Lord was and the Wailing Wall.
After all I have been going true in my life and the last year the difficult time with my breast cancer, it was a special moment to put my hand and my head to the beautiful stones of the wall and to give thanks to Abba and to pray there. I am Jewish and It was a feeling of coming home that moment. Very intensive in my heart. To be able to attend most activity’s and had enough energy, was a MIRACLE first class!!! My friends almost could not believe it, to see me strong enough. I praise the Lord for His wonderful care for me! Now I am trying to get over this tiredness again.
The Lord answered your prayers!

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 Re: My trip to Israel..Thank you for prayin!

Hi Browny

what a wonderfull experience, i am an extreme visual learner so when i read the bible it helps me to see pictures so that i can use my memory to grasp the concept. i have often thought about going to israel to get some glimpse of the sorroundings, sounds, aromas and customs for this reason. I know that i dont need these things but it would be a treat. Im glad that the lord blessed your trip. :)

karl rashleigh

 2011/5/31 7:44Profile

 Re: My trip to Israel..Thank you for prayin!

at last, another Jew who follows Jesus!

Baruch HaShem!

so happy your sojourn was blessed,

Shalom chaver, neil

 2011/5/31 9:26

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 Re: My trip to Israel..Thank you for prayin!

I am Jewish and It was a feeling of coming home that moment. Very intensive in my heart.

Browny, God knew how much you would benefit from this trip so He blessed you with it!

I am glad you shared your testimony with us...God bless!

Sandra Miller

 2011/5/31 10:02Profile

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 Re: My trip to Israel..Thank you for prayin!

Praise God! Thank you so much for sharing, Browny!

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 Re: My trip to Israel..Thank you for prayin!

Grateful you're home safe and sound Sister. Shalom indeed! Praise GOD!

 2011/5/31 16:40

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