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 If Jesus looked in a Mirror?

I had a question that I thought you all maybe able to help me with. More of a thought anyways and I wanted to know if this thought could expand and grow into something that is edifying. To the very least I believe it could be a fruitful discussion. Please note I don't claim to know everything of the person of Christ and so my doctrine and thoughts are flawed, I don't mind correction when its due, also I am not after outsmarting or figuring out God. I fully accept the fact that He is a being that is greatly Mysterious and somethings we just can't know. So with that in mind :) Here is the thought/question.

How does Christ Jesus view Himself in comparison to us? Does He view Himself through the Eyes of the Glorious King or through the Eyes of a Humble Servant? Is He still the Meek One?

*As I looked up more scipture on this I answered my own question :P funny thing when we open His Word to Learn from Him, He is openly ready to teach*

Matthew Guldner

 2011/5/29 1:23Profile

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