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 America's Financial Future by Mark S. Case

It was in 1999, that I believe the Spirit of the Lord began to show me that our dollar would collapse in the year 2010. I have said many times that I am not certain of the date 2010, but I am certain that the Lord showed me of a collapse of America's financial system as we know it within this general time frame.

In 2003, I set myself aside in a secluded cottage by the Atlantic Ocean in San Clemente, Argentina, for six weeks of prayer and study in the Word. Among other things, the Lord gave me some eye-opening insight about our country as it relates to His overall plan for the end times, especially as it relates to the church in particular. These were specifics about the future breakdown of America’s financial system that would lead to genuine repentance among His people. It is a word about our economic system that I had never realized, and after sharing it with many others, I learned that neither do most believers. It is important to know these things, as they are clear and vital indicators of God’s season for change throughout the world that will usher in the end of our age and all that He has said He will do in this season. In the same way that He gave Daniel insight into the kingdoms of his day and beyond, so He still speaks to His people about the times and seasons of nations today. It is one way that He keeps us in “the light” as His “sons of light” (I Thess. 5:1-11). By understanding the fundamentals of America’s economic system in the world amid today’s circumstances, we can see how God may soon “fold up” America (Hebrews 1:10-12). Now, to all those naysayers, five years after He alerted me and I began to boldly share these things, it appears that He was speaking to me all along.

Is God “Folding Up” America?

As long as the politicians in Washington can vote to overdraw America’s bank account and get whoever is President to sign on to it, our failed economic policies can be rescued time and again. However, there are some negatives related to how we come up with those rescue-dollars. For example, if they are simply printed, they immediately begin to devalue themselves by the simple fact that there are so many more of them. The more of them that are printed, the more they become like sands of the sea — so many that a whole bag of them is worth little or nothing. Naturally, this leads to inflation, taking lots more dollars to purchase the same goods and/or services as before. This is one reason for the devaluing of the dollar on world markets already, even though fortunately inflation is still reasonably steady. On the other hand, if all those new rescue-dollars are not newly printed, they must be borrowed from somewhere since America is no longer prosperous enough to keep that much cash on hand. America’s cash is already obligated. Remember, we are severely overdrawn and have been for years. That means we are forced to humble ourselves to beg, borrow, and to pledge ourselves to another country in order to get some of our own cash from their reserves!

With this, we become an even larger debtor nation and are forced to have to get along with those who may hate us—“the borrower, a servant to the lender.” If we borrow more US dollars from Japan, then we have to be more careful to please Japan; or from China, to please China; or from Saudi Arabia, then we are obliged to make them happy. Regardless of how other nations’ policies run directly against the grain of our own personal identity and ideology, when we are in debt to them, we must accommodate them. But as bad as that may be, it will not break the back of our economy all alone. The crash that we have all been warned about for decades, and that I have warned about for nearly ten years according to the word of the Lord to me, will come when OPEC begins to actually open up its oil sales to other strong currencies—not the US dollar.

Since 1999, I have been consistently but cautiously sharing that I believe the Lord showed me that our currency would be replaced as the world-standard currency by the end of 2010. Since 2003, I have seen how OPEC could certainly be the decision maker for that ultimate collapse. I have also shared that I believe He showed me that the dollar’s value at that time will be between 5 and 10% of its 1999 value. Interestingly enough, the dollar has already devalued over 40% on the world market since the year 2000. I do not pretend to be absolutely certain of the timing, but I am confident that these things will likely happen this way.

Make no mistake about it, when the dollar is no longer required as the exclusive currency for international buying from OPEC, our multi-trillion-dollar debt burden will weigh heavily against us, and we will be literally paralyzed at home and abroad. Without a corner on the world oil-for-dollars market anymore, there will be nothing to give stability to a strong dollar. Its value will suddenly revert to that which America can produce and sell to the world, just like most other nations’ currencies are valued now; and since we have transformed ourselves from a truly industrialized nation into a service nation, we are not producing nearly enough goods to even begin to keep the dollar afloat at its current level.

The Way it all Started

In the early 1970’s, the majority of the members of OPEC (the oil-rich nation-group that sells the majority of the world its oil) agreed together, and with us, to sell their precious oil commodity for the US dollar only. This was right after the gold standard for the dollar was dropped altogether, in large part due to the lack of gold available compared with the astronomical growth of the US economy and the trillions of dollars necessary to fuel it. Using petroleum as a new standard to support our dollars was a great trade off, since it was obvious that oil would be the life-blood of every developing nation for at least a half century to come and since there was no shortage of it. Under then-President Nixon, we made a deal with OPEC whereby they agreed to sell their oil only for US dollars, regardless of the country that wanted or needed to buy it. This was just as beneficial for OPEC as it was for us, since they wanted to deal only in a strong, stable world currency, and no other currency compared with ours in stability. In addition, by guaranteeing all oil sales to all foreign countries through the US dollar only, OPEC was assured by us that the US would purchase a handsome portion of our oil from them, forfeiting much of our option to use our own abundant oil supply offshore. The trade off was certainly worthwhile for the US at the time because it would force all nations of the world to possess our dollars, which would stabilize the dollar’s value even more. This meant that all nations of the world would have no option but to trade their goods and services with the USA on our terms in order to get our dollars. To purchase our dollars outright would be too expensive for most foreign nations to afford. In recent decades, this has provoked a lot of jealously among strong nation trade-groups. Many trade alliances have been formed in the last couple of decades for the express purpose of designing and implementing ways of breaking America’s superiority—something that none of them have been able to do, yet. The term used to define America’s global superiority is “hegemony.”

This was not a tactic of greed on the part of the United States, as many jealous observers around the world would accuse; rather it was, and is, necessary that the world have a single currency by which to standardize all global markets. God saw fit to give America that right since He also raised us up to do much of His bidding on the world scene for the last century and a half. Like Joseph among his brothers, by God’s design America has been the “favored son” among the nations; and like Joseph’s brothers, many nations of the world are jealous. But they should be very thankful! After all, someone has to be the leader. When I was put into a position of having to defend America’s dollar-superiority on a Brazilian TV network several years ago, I quickly questioned whether those who were jealous of America would rather have an Arab nation currency as the world standard. It did not take but a second or two for them to realize my point. Even with all its weaknesses, America was then, and still is, far better in every way to lead the global scene than any Arab nation, or any other nation, would ever be.

But our time of superiority must pass, too. Like Joseph, who eventually passed away when God was finished with him, America also will pass away when God is finished with us. God is bringing all things to His predetermined end—when Jesus Christ will come as King of His kingdom, ruling and reigning the whole world. Power shifts among the nations are a part of what God is doing to raise up His enemies, so that Jesus Christ may come in great power and glory to defeat them! Rather than God’s once-favored nation being in charge, ungodly nations will be permitted to lead the way. There are too many things involved to share this fully here, but above all we should realize that America, as the premier nation on earth, is still a secular nation. Let us pray for America, but let us pray with spiritual understanding. God has other plans. Let us not forget that, while we should be very sorry that our continuing sin has forced God to judge us, our fall is a painful but necessary part of God’s plan to realign controlling kingdoms of the world for His predetermined end. He abides with us still, even though we have succumbed to the pride of life and the lusts of the flesh. As we repent and ask forgiveness, let us pray for His mercy in judgment also, knowing that it must surely come. God’s priority is not America’s eternally perpetual health and happiness. His priority is His name, among His people - it is His church within His kingdom! Our pride has led many of us to believe that America is sacred ground, that somehow we are above God’s judgment; but America, and all other kingdoms, are temporal. Only His kingdom is eternal!

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

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