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 Re: Anyone Else Have This Problem?

CyAn wrote:
And what does he do in the middle of a conversation? He took the Lord's name in vain.
What should i do? What should i say? Anything? I am horrified.

The Lord has graciously allowed me to not be offended by the language skills of another person - especially a sinner (acting like a sinner). And besides, my ears aren't going to hell by hearing it! Love covers a multitude of sin!

Lylewise gave you excellent instruction; I would hope you would pray about it and learn to love them in spite of their offensive language and pray not let their outer man offend you so much and that you would learn to look past their outer man in order to see the broken inner man.

God bless you,


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Relax! It is not your work to save a man. You are to tell of the truth and let God do the rest. The burden we place on ourselves concerning evangelism is impossible to carry if it requires our perfect delivery in order that one be saved. We are the means to the truth, God is the one who changes the heart using the truth He has given us (and gives us) to speak.

What do you say? What note do you reference for the appropriate scripture? If we pursue this action, once the individual is saved we will in some way, large or small, share in the credit. Yet the credit is not ours to share in. We are the unprofitable servants.

One of the greatest tools of the saint has all but been removed by the church. The reason is the infiltration of so many who call themselves Christians but who are not. What is the tool? THE TESTIMONY! Every saint has one. It is the change that comes with regeneration. I was dead and now I am alive. I loved sin and now I hate it. I hated God and now I love Him. I saw the world but know I see the world for what it is. Just expounding on these things through you testimony will speak volumes for it is antithetical to the world. It is your God given miracle. How many in the N.T. were healed in the physical and went and told everyone they came across. We have been healed in the Spirit. Once dead but now brought to life. A testimony is a powerful thing and very biblical.

If I go to a very nice restaurant and the waiter tells me they have the best Beef Welliington on this planet, I will not hesitate to ask him if that recommendation comes by experience. If he says no, that he was merely saying that because he was told to, I will not order the Beef Wellington. If however he loves it because he has never had any better than this, well then............he definitely has my attention.



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Ex: 20:7 You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain for the Lord will not hold guiltless anyone who takes His name in vain.

Yes we do not live to earn salvation through the commandments, for we now have the things of God upon our hearts. However we still get pulled back into living under the law through the religion of man. This religion seeks to make the abstention of various things a form of righteousness that the man can now accomplish apart from Christ. It is most dangerous. So we abstain from the GD word and somehow we have separated ourself from the world and accomplished a good work. Thereby missing the true instruction of God in Ex 20:7

In many a conversation God's name is thrown around like a beach ball. Since His testimony is without refute, men will throw His name into the mix to support many a thing that God does not approved. He told me this....., God must be......,God is doing......, God has......., God will........., God wants.........,God is.........., Must be God.......... One could go on and on of the abuses that occur with the use of His name. Yes there are times when these statements are correct but there are probably many more when they are not. So often we do not consider of Whom we are speaking. Caution and reverence is due His name. He is worthy of much greater than the idle talk that sees Him at times a rubber seal that validates the ill considered words of the Christian.

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