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allaboard wrote:
Thompson Chain Reference KJV is the best. No commentary except the Holy Spirit needed. And like the other brother said, Esword.


rufnrust wrote:
Thompson Chain Reference has been my faithful book for 30 years. No commentary needed. Just the precious Holy Spirit.


I agree with this. The Thompson Chain Reference study Bible is a fantastic tool for the study of God's Word! It doesn't try to impart sectarian doctrine or interpret Scripture through commentary for you. Rather, it links passages through relevance and provides various study aids as well.

For instance, if you are searching the Scriptures about the "Passover," you will find the first passage in reference in Exodus 12:1. In the margins, you will see the word "Passover" with an assigned number (in case you want to look up ALL of the passages through that number in the index) -AND- you will have the very next passage in the Word mentioned in the margin.

The Thompson Chain Reference includes many other study aids in its index as well. Although it was originally created in only the KJV, I have used both the KJV and NIV versions of the Thompson Chain Reference for years.

For several years, I have been using as well. This website contains 25 different translations in English that you can cross reference (many in both text and audio versions). When you look up a particular passage, a menu will allow you to easily navigate. You can click links to move forward or backward from the passage. Another link provides the audio version of that passage/version. Another link (if applicable) will provide a list of various available commentary as well.

I also use eSword and BlueLetterBible quite extensively too.

As someone else mentioned, I think that it is wise for new believers to avoid commentary or doctrinally-infused Bibles until they have read the Word of God through for themselves. This could prevent a new believer from hearing particular interpretations meshed with the Lord's voice and guidance as they study through God's Word. If a new believer has difficulty with a particular passage or language of a particular version (like the KJV), I recommend prayer for guidance and that they look at other versions for clarity.

However, I think that the Thompson Chain Reference is a good study Bible for a new believer because it lacks commentary and provides a great deal of study aids. By the way, it is often less expensive to buy those Bibles online (like at or through eBay).


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Hey brother or sister, I will give a few recommendations from what I know.

As far as KJV goes I highly recommend the Matthew henry Study Bible, Charles Ryrie study Bible for any version
John macarthur has a great study bible for any bible version.
I also recommend the scofield study bible to, but be discerning of the gap theory that he teaches in it.
When i worked at the family christian store and just looking at all the different bibles I would recommend the apologetics study bible, reformation study bible, case for the creator study bible. But I am sure their are other ones.

John Beechy

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 Re: Study Bible

For me personally, i stear away from study bibles because it is my time to have intamicey with the lord when he walks me through his word. the things i use when studying are:

* strongs concordence, for different word translations
* Youngs Concordence, easier to find the words as they are bunched together in original meaning
* Treaury of Scripture knowledge
* KJV hebrew and greek translation - this maps well with the youngs, strongs, and treasury of knowledge
* NKJV - use this to help me to get around some of the KJV
* a good study guide on how to read the scriptures.

I got caught out earlier in my christian life by not being able to test words of preachers because i did not have a good way of checking things out for myself in the word. This becomes very evident when you see the diversity of believes towards revelations. But most of all pray always that the Lord leads you into knowing him the right way for it is he that will teach you what he wants you to know.

It is a beautiful thing when Jesus reveals himself to us directly through his word. as far as what you use to find this out is part of your journey in trusting the Lord.

i have been off a few times in my studies, not because of the tools i use but the spiritual condition of my heart at the time but God quickley brought me back to where he wanted me.

karl rashleigh

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