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 Study Bible

Could someone recommend a good Study Bible for a new believer?

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 Re: Study Bible

Brother or Sister,

Each individual has their own preferences and even versions! Some people need everything spelled out for them (what to believe on some topics) and some don't.

I have a copy of the NIV Archaeological Study Bible. I love all the history of the books. I would recommend that one if any.

If I were your friend, I would suggest getting a reference Bible, a Young's Analytical Concordance. Also get lots of notebook paper and colored pencils (or pens) and begin reading the Bible and doing studies on the 'eyes' and see where it takes you! Ask the Lord what He wants you to study and tells you! You will learn a lot more that way!

God bless you and I'm sure more will post on what they would tell you too!!



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OK... I am about to blow everyone's minds... I bought a new study Bible this year and I think it is excellent. AND, here is the kicker (brace yourselves!): It's not a KJV!

I know, crazy, isnt it?

Seriously, I bought the Reformation Study Bible from Ligonier Ministries (RC Sproul)... ESV. I love it.

God's been at work in me, what can I say?


 2011/5/28 6:02

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 Re: Study Bible

Thompson Chain Reference has been my faithful book for 30 years. No commentary needed. Just the precious Holy Spirit.



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May I strongly recommend...NO STUDY BIBLE. Get a TEXT-ONLY KJV, NKJV, ASV (if you can find it), or if you must, a NASB (1995 update). No NIV or New Living (which are more interpretation than translation) or ESV (which is based on a poor, liberal RSV).

Alongside that Bible, get a Strong's concordance and a good set of maps; or alternatively, a good Bible study software program like E-Sword or Xiphos.

A pen and paper for notes.

The reason I strongly recommend AGAINST study Bibles is because you don't want to fill your head with someone else's interpretation and then get stuck with that wrong interpretation for life. It's sad to think about how many minds have been damaged by Scofield's reference bible. And as good a reputation as John MacArthur has, to be perfectly honest, in my opinion, his theology is shallow and off in many areas (not saying he's unorthodox or anything). The problem with reference bibles is that you get ONE man's interpretation, and because you "read it in your bible", your mind is now closed and dried up, and it will be impossible to unlearn those things. It's a great way to become a disciple of Darby, or MacArthur, or whoever, but it's a bad way to learn your bible.

Let the Holy Spirit teach you with the faculties he gave you, and when you are done studying a particular section, peruse (not study) a variety of commentaries like those in the free software programs to make sure you're not heretic!

Denver McDaniel

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God's been at work in me, what can I say?

Now don't go blaming that on God, Krispy.

Thompson Chain Reference KJV is the best. No commentary except the Holy Spirit needed. And like the other brother said, Esword.

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 Re: Study Bible

for s study Bible, i've always liked the NIV, but i havent cracked it in a spell.

i read the ESV, and got a copy of the ESV Study Bible, and there's just something lacking (for want of a better word) in it, can't put my finger on it.

i always find it helpful and profitable to have a pen at the ready, when eating of the Word, so you can write revelations that God the Holy Spirit gives us, or underline, personal work, etc.


 2011/5/28 10:46

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i read the ESV, and got a copy of the ESV Study Bible, and there's just something lacking (for want of a better word) in it, can't put my finger on it.

I agree I used the ESV for a month and had a check out it many times. We thank God for new literal translations but I still can't get away that far from the KJV version!

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Here's my two cents. I have two possible suggestions.
One, I would recommend the new Evidence Bible by Ray Comfort:

It doesn't have notes on all the passages of the Bible. It has notes on equipping you to share Christ with the lost. It has quotes from past preachers such as Spurgeon, Whitefield, Wesley, etc. It's in the NKJV.

Or, get a plain NKJV Bible without notes, along with a Matthew Henry Commentary on the whole Bible. Here is a brief discription of the Commentary:

For those who are against commentaries, I would humbly submit that it is no different than being taugt the Word at a church service. All of us would agree that God has given gifted teachers of His Word to the body for it's edification. Commentaries are one way of learning from gifted teachers.

That said, it is always good to first read the Bible by itself with prayer, before looking at the commentaries or notes.


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Charles Stanley has the "Life Principles Study Bible" which I think would be good for a new believer.

Also the Assemblies of God "Fire Bible" is great! I own one and it is very helpful.

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