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 Prayer for a coworker's eyes to be opened

I have a coworker who had a liver transplant years ago. He will once again go under the knife but this time for heart surgery. I have had several opportunities to share with him the gospel of Christ as well as my testimony. He confessed that before his liver transplant he had promised God his life (bargaining if you will). He admitted to me that as he looked back he had never actually given His life to Christ. This was not hard to discern as there was no mention of his new affections in our conversations. He does not question whether there is a God, but he does not know Him personally. I would love for any who can pray for Kirk to ask God to reveal Himself in a way that he will be brought to his knees once and forever. Interesting how life's complications will bring men to think of their mortality even though they have 365 days a year to contemplate it. I pray for this miracle. Would you please join me.


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 Re: Prayer for a coworker's eyes to be opened

Amen! I am standing in agreement with you. The Lord hears your prayers. He is working. Glory to God. We will keep the faith and pour out upon our unsaved family and friends as the Holy Spirit works on them and continues to lead us. Amen!

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 Re: Prayer for a coworker's eyes to be opened

Letter to Kirk from God

Kirk, this is your Captain speaking. I have been trying to find you and wish to beam you up, but your coordinates keep changing and therefore I cannot lock on. Dig out and pick up the instruction manual located under an inch of dust under your left foot, My Word, and devour it completely, and do not allow the creature behind you (don't look) choose the only scriptures it wants you to hear. The creature behind you should be growling at this time, but do not look I say! Be still, and in doing so, My Word will help you find the right coordinates. I say again, do not turn around and look at the creature standing behind you and breathing on your neck, and do not fear it. See, hear and speak to it not, lest it tighten its invisible snare around your leg, which I will break, if only you will ask. It is through MY POWER that you are to be beamed up, and not of your own. Before my children learn to walk, many times must some of them fall. Do not tarry. Read the manual and pray until the snare is finally broken, and then run from the creature as fast as you can and keep distance from it always, lest it snare you just as you reach the correct coordinates for your departure and cause you to perish. My light will show you the coordinates, and there you will find me waiting with open arms. In that light, you will see the One Whom they pierced and Whose Blood was poured out to the last drop.
Your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

(writer's note) I pray all those who read of Kirk's battle, please consider making sacrifice for him, an act of self-denial, a fast, prayer etc. PS I hope I do not offend Kirk, but I felt the Holy Spirit move in me, and once again He shows me His sense of humor. I could not resist.

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