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May 25, 2011 David Wilkerson

I recommend you take the time to read these powerful Psalms, 142 and 143, to encourage your faith.

I was interested in what David was going through when he said, “When my spirit was overwhelmed in me, then you knew my path” (142:3). He repeats this in verse 143:4, “My spirit is overwhelmed in me; my heart within me is desolate.” David is actually saying to God, “I am drowning in trouble. I am under attack by my enemies. It is bringing me low.” He cried to the Lord, “Hear my cry, for I am brought very low… Bring my soul out of this prison” (142:6-7).

Beloved, these words are written for our sake, for our instruction. Here is encouragement for all of God’s people who are overwhelmed by troubles and afflictions. Some are drowning in financial troubles, overwhelmed with debt. Multitudes of precious believers can hardly make ends meet. Many widows and elderly couples are barely making it.

Often I have been accused of being too gloomy, too negative. People say nobody wants to hear bad news, that they turn off any preacher who talks about pain, suffering and troubles. But the truth is, most of us live in a world where life can be absolutely overwhelming at times. Like David, we face a flood of troubles; we are afflicted even in our righteousness. We endure sickness, death of loved ones, times of confusion, not knowing what to do next. We face hellish attacks of Satan against our faith.

It is in our overwhelming times we learn to seek God and learn to cry out in our pain. David said, “I poured out my complaint before him, I showed before him my trouble” (142:2). “In thy faithfulness answer me” (143:1). Are you even now overwhelmed by circumstances in your life? Do what David did:

• “I stretch forth my hands unto thee: my soul thirsts after thee, as a thirsty land” (143:6).

• “Hide not your face from me… Cause me to hear your loving kindness in the morning; for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul to you” (143:7-8).

• “Deliver me, O Lord, from my enemies: I flee to you to hide me. Teach me to do your will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness. Quicken me, O Lord, for thy name’s sake: for thy righteousness’ sake bring my soul out of trouble” (143:9-11).

Be encouraged. God has everything under control! He will meet your need right on time.

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 Re: these powerful Psalms, 142 and 143...

HI JoyfulHeart, not so long ago I found myself in a place of being overwhelmed and it was Psalm 142 and Psalm 57 that the Lord used to keep me. The words and God speaking to me through them held me steadfast through the long months of darkness and gave birth to this piece.....


In Psalm 57 David says ” I will awaken the dawn!” David is writing from a cave. He finds himself in the darkness, having fled his enemies. Perhaps you find yourself in a place of darkness today? Have you fled to your own personal ” cave?’ It is interesting that places that start out as a place of refuge, a hiding place quickly become a prison. In Psalm 142, we again find David writing from a cave, he cries out to God ” bring my soul out of prison.” His cave, his place of safety and refuge had become a prison.

What is it that you are running from? Why do you find yourself in a cave today? What is it that you seek refuge from? Has that place of refuge now become a prison to you? In Psalm 57:4 David says that his soul had been amongst lions. Now we know that the devil is likened to a roaring lion in 1 Pet 5:8 and that he seeks to devour. David further describes his enemies as having teeth like spears and arrows and a tongue like a sharp sword. Spears and arrows and swords are designed to maim and destroy and kill. They are weapons of destruction.

Perhaps you find yourself in a solitary place today because of words spoken against you? Unjust, hurtful words, hateful words, things that are simply not true. Perhaps circumstances or tragedies have driven you to a place or darkness and desolation? David said that his enemies had prepared a net for his steps and had dug a pit in front of him (Psalm 57:6) and that his soul was “bowed down.”We see that David got tangled up in that net and fell headfirst into the pit. Perhaps you too have been tripped up in your walk and have fallen head first into the pit and find yourself in a similar darkness as King David? You have been ensnared, and the righteousness of you cause only adds to the depths of the pit. You flesh screams out for justice and the darkness only increases. Your soul is ” bowed down.”

How did King David get out of his cave? He says in verse two of the 57th Psalm ” I will cry out to my God.” Rather than crying out for justice, we must simply cry out to God. In a spectacular series of events, we see in Psalm 142 that Saul is delivered into the hands of David, into the very cave in which he hides. Can you say brothers and sisters what you would do if your oppressors were delivered into your hands? Is justice for you, more important than your relationship with Jesus? Has your circumstances or situation drowned out that small still voice? Have you lost your peace? Do you have your song in the night? Perhaps no one on the “outside,” would even know the depths of the darkness that you feel on the inside? God knows. Nothing escapes Him. He knows the motivations of our heart. Brothers and sisters, Saul must be let go. Justice lies in the hands of God. Who or what is your Saul?

David, in Psalm 57 goes on to say ” I will sing and give praise, Awake, my Glory! Awake lute and harp! I will awaken the dawn! ” To awaken anything brothers and sisters we must shout, shout unto God with a voice of triumph. How many of us know that it is darkest just before the dawn? From your dark place, cry out to God, awaken the dawn. ” I will praise you O Lord among the peoples.” For David to praise his God amongst the peoples he is going to have to get out of that cave. If you will praise God amongst the peoples you cannot stay in that dark place. Listen to how David finishes this Psalm that started out so darkly ” I will sing to you among the nations. For your mercy reaches unto the heavens and your truth unto the clouds. Be exalted , O God above the heavens, let your glory be above all the earth.” To see the heavens brothers and sisters, to see the clouds, to see the sky, to see the glory of the night sky, one must come out from the darkness of the cave.

One word of warning. Do not be found to be the one who digs pits and lays nets for others. Beware when you stand lest you fall. Let your words be measured and your motivations found to be true. God misses nothing, and justice belongs to Him. And the final end for all diggers of ditches? “Into the midst of it they themselves have fallen.”

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Praise God brother Frank for your expounding on this. It is always good to hear your words of encouragement. Glory to God.

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