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Caronport, Saskatchewan


Downloading sermons.
-> Right click sermon title
-> click Save Target As... (explorer) or Save Link As... (firefox)
-> Enter the name you want to use for the file (I usually just copy and paste the title; if it is a video you will have to remove any brackets in the name since it usually says '(video)' after the title)
-> Make sure you add the file type to the end of the file name before clicking save -- the file type will be in the bottom right hand of corner of the individual sermon box, to the right of the magnifying glass. For audio sermons it is usually .mp3 For video sermons it will change so make sure you check before saving. You have to put a period (.) before the file type.

So if you were going to download "A Burning Heart" this is what you would want to enter:
A Burning Heart by Leonard Ravenhill.mp3

If you were to download A Man of God you would enter:
A Man Of God video by Leonard Ravenhill.asf
-> After you have entered the title and file type click save and the sermon should download.
-> Make sure you know where the file is being saved to (ie. Desktop or My Music, etc).
-> Then you can open it with Media Player or whatever audio program you have. Double clicking the downloaded file should automatically open the file.

Also, you can subscribe to the sermonindex podcast if you have iTunes. All the sermons that are podcasted are worth while listening to. Just click 'podcast directory' in the podcast section of iTunes and then seach "sermonindex" or something similar.

Hope you can follow me and that this helps.
May the Lord speak to you and shape you as you listen to the wisdom of His saints.

K. Tomalty

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 Re: The best way to download the audio messages.

Can I download sermons if I have a Mac :-(

Alan Taylor

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