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 Sunday Today May 22 Streaming Live from Times Square Church

Worship, The Word & Alter Call - 7 am Pacific Time. You will be blessed, challenged & encouraged.

Praying for a thankful glorious Sunday for all. Jesus is worthy.

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 Re: Sunday Today May 22 Streaming Live from Times Square Church

I felt led to watch this service. I hadn't done that in years....and WOW!....what a wonderful, rich word from Carter Conlin.

I passed a skype call from India, and told him about it too....and he was blown away with the grace on it.

Thanks Joyful Heart for posting this. Remind me again....

 2011/5/23 9:59

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Thank you Brother Tom for sharing this. It was Brother Greg that actually posted on here and I just ran with it afterwards due to the fact I am not only blessed but changed. There is so much meat in these services I dont ever want to miss it.

And yes, I will post a reminder every Sunday praying the Holy Spirit will bring more to watch.

I felt the Holy Spirit gave me a huge boost yesterday in sharing Him with others that I had been praying for. Glory to God.

Yesterday's Word from Carter Conlon

"A Frail But Honest Testimony

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Thank you for posting this message Sister.
I downloaded it to listen to before going to sleep and sort of laid sideways in my big chair with the ottoman.
I had the Windows media player on repeat. I don't know how many times I heard this sermon, both awake and while I fell asleep for a few hours. It certainly was on a topic that I wanted to hear, so maybe the LORD said, "O.K., I'll let you really Hear it." Consciously and unconsciously and I know I'll listen to it again today - while sitting Up. :)

It sure is an excellent message and one that I am very grateful for. Thank you again!

 2011/5/25 8:24

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Amen dear sister!

This message has really impacted my life and has given me a huge boost in asking people if I can pray for them. Glory to God.

Yesterday, at our Church without Walls,there was a couple from Malaysia and they stopped to ask what was going on and I told them we were Christians and we had worship and now reading the Bible. They wanted to stay and listen. Then I asked them if I could pray for them and they said, YES, Great, so I put my hand on the man's shoulder and prayed for their safety etc. Not a repent or die prayer. But one I feel the Holy Spirit will bring others to water the seeds. Glory to God.

And it's true, not many will refuse prayer. I got to pray for several others yesterday as well as the Holy Spirit led.

So, I am praying that the Holy Spirit will lead me to those who will receive prayer and that He will give me the words to pray.

I am going to listen again today the message.

It is so exciting to be in this day and age and we are going to see the glory of God like never before. Praying to stay close, surrendered, and eyes upon Him in the word and worship. He is so worthy.

Amen! Glory Hallelujah!

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