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Discussion Forum : General Topics : The Godfather ?

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Worthing UK

 The Godfather ?

Hi Gang,
my wife and i have been asked by by brother to be God parents to their first son.
firstly,never having been one what is one?
secondly,does anyone know the history of this tradition?
My brother and wife are not christians and i want to be a blessing to them
any thoughts would be helpful :-)

derek Eyre

 2004/12/3 7:32Profile

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Limerick city,Ireland

 Re: The Godfather ?

Hi delboy.a god father is a catholic tradition where,when an infant is "cristened",a man and a woman stand in to be god parents to the child.Not sure on the reason behind it,but I think it represents spiritual parents to the child.Just a guess so i could be wrong.

Mark Kenny

 2004/12/3 7:56Profile

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Celbridge Kildare Ireland



the purpose of Godfather is to be a spirtual mentor to the child. because scriptures tecahes that we should " believe and be baptised" the church introduced a concept where the parents and godparents belive in proxy for the infant. The child will confrim this choice for themselves in their teens.
Without being judgemental it is hard to see how unbelieving parents can believe for someone else.

Also infant baptism is spoken of as "new birth" within the service of both Anglican and Roman Catholic, soproblematicaly form an evangelical stance.

However you have a golden opporunity to chat to your brother about things Spiritual as they are opne to the need of their child. With all these doctrinal matters I am always encourage by the words in Acts where Priscilla and Aquillla take Appolos and expound to him a more excellent way.


Paul R Carley

 2004/12/3 8:16Profile

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