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 GOD’S FIRST MESSAGES TO MAN - Forty Messages From Genesis (Part 2) by Zac Poonen

11. God wants you to fellowship with Him first of all (2:2). Adam’s first day was a day of rest and uninterrupted fellowship with God. Working for God in the garden came only after that, on the next day. The Lord rebuked Martha for being occupied with service instead of listening to Him first, like Mary did (Lk.10:42). All unrest and anxiety in our lives come from a lack of fellowship with God. Satan could not tempt Adam on that first day when he was in fellowship with God. The devil will be far away when we put fellowship with God as a priority in our lives. From a life of inward rest alone can we truly serve God effectively.

12. Only the breath of God makes you different from the animals (2:7). The animals were also made on the sixth day like man. But when God breathed into man, he became totally different from them. Thereby, God was saying to man that if he ignored the breath of God, he would very soon descend to the level of the animals. Jesus also breathed on His disciples after His resurrection and gave them the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit alone Who can save us from living like animals who are interested only in earthly things. Bible knowledge will not make us spiritual – because even the devil has that. The threat of judgment also may keep you from sinning only for sometime. But the Holy Spirit will help you to live on a heavenly plane. So seek to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit.

13. Only through testing can you become holy (2:17). God could not make Adam and Eve holy without testing them. God is determined to make His children holy, if they will allow Him. That is why He allows us to be tempted repeatedly every day. And that is why He has given us the Holy Spirit as a Helper. When we cry out for help in the times of temptation, the Holy Spirit will give us grace to deny our self-will and overcome and thus pass the test and become truly holy.

14. God wants husband & wife to be one as the head and the body (2:24). God was the One Who was concerned that Adam was alone and decided to make a helper for him. God created woman out of man’s body so that a man would always treat his wife as part of his own body. The man, as the head, is useless if he has no body; and the woman, as the body, is useless if she has no head. This verse also teaches that husbands and wives must be emotionally detatched from their earthly parents first if they are to become one. Adam’s first sin was that he listened to his wife rather than to God. He should have stopped his wife from having discussions with Satan. In this, he failed to act as the head.

15. Satan questions God's Word (3:1). Satan approached Eve with the question, “Has God really said?” Satan is cleverer and smarter than all of us and his ultimate aim is to lead us away from God. God had said, “If you eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge, you will surely die”. But Satan said, “Surely you will not die”. Today, God says to believers, “If you live according to the flesh, you will surely die” (Rom.8:13). But Satan says (through many Bible-teachers), “Surely you will not die”. You have to choose now whether to believe God or Satan’s agents. If you treat even the smallest commands of God’s Word lightly, Satan will lead you astray to your destruction. When you see a very small command in Scripture, don’t ask. “Is this a major command or a minor one?” Instead ask, “Who commanded it - God or man?”

16. Satan questions God's love (3:5). Satan made Eve doubt the love of God by implying: “If God really loved you, why doesn’t He allow you to eat of this attractive fruit. The fact that He denies it to you proves that He doesn’t really love you”. This is the same evil suggestion that Satan will whisper to you, when some earnest prayer of yours is not answered, or when you don’t get what you wanted very badly. It is very important that we are established in the truth of God’s perfect love for us, so that we never doubt it – irrespective of what He allows in our lives and irrespective of what prayers of ours remain unanswered.

17. Beware of what your bodily senses feel attracted towards (3:6). Many Christians worship food. Their stomach is their god. Such Christians are called “enemies of the cross of Christ” (in Phil.3:18-19). We must beware of worshipping the creature (pretty objects that God has created) more than the Creator. We must beware of valuing the gifts of God more than the Giver Himself. The apostle Paul said that he disciplined his bodily desires and made them his slave, lest he be disqualified by God finally, after having preached to others. If even Paul lived in that fear, how much more should we?

18. God takes the initiative to look for you (3:9). Sin made Adam so foolish that he thought he could hide from God by going behind a tree!! Adam should have been the one to go running to God, asking for forgiveness. But, instead, we see God coming searching for Adam, saying, “Where are you?” (Gen 3:9). This is how God comes searching for us too. This should move us to yield our all to God. When you go astray, you will hear His voice calling you by name and asking, “Where are you?”

19. Don't blame others (3:12). After Adam sinned, he could not take the blame even for his own sin. He blamed his wife for giving him the fruit, and then blamed God for giving him such a wife!! When God confronts you in your conscience with your sin, don’t make excuses or blame anyone else. Just admit your sin and take all the blame yourself. If you blame your life-partner for anything, immediately a separation will come in your fellowship with each other. Then Satan will enter through that gap to destroy your children. So, in your home and in your church, keep the door closed on Satan by sticking close to one another and never blaming each other.

20. God is on your side against Satan (3:15). It is significant to note that God first gave Satan his judgment (“The seed of the woman will crush you head”) before he punished Adam and Eve for their sin. God may discipline us severely, but He will crush Satan under our feet – because He is always on our side against Satan. One way by which God showed Adam and Eve His love for them was by making animal-skin coats for them (that would not only cover their nakedness but also last them all their lives) to replace the fig-leaf coverings they had made for themselves (which would dry up in a few days). Those coats are a picture of God’s righteousness with which He covers us in Christ. Never forget that even if you have messed up your life, God is still on your side against Satan. So you can come back to God at any time and He will welcome you.

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