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 Some Scriptural Sanity on Satan, by Servant -

Though many of the men of GOD that have gone on before us have books out there on spiritual warfare and can be found online and by Whitaker House Publishers or any publishers who have kept their books in print - such as by, Spurgeon, E.M. Bounds, Murray, Finney and others, most of this generation either ignore the enemy or give him far more authority over a Saint of GOD than the Word of GOD does, which is extremely dangerous to those who are yet Biblically unlearned and weak in faith.
All that needs to be known about this topic, Jesus made certain to have exhaustively covered and easy to understand in our New Testaments.

For those who respect David Servant at all - he's made an e-book available, so I'll post it here - but mainly I will continue to pray that GOD's people will depend more on His Word alone for their education on this and any other teachings and all the more as we see the days becoming more evil and deceptions are increasing daily - even on this one topic alone. We're to focus our eyes upon Jesus and walk with assurance that He has provided all that we need in His WORD for us to be called by Him, "overcomers".
We need our confidence in Him to exceed any other distractions. Fear of men or any other created thing is not from GOD nor from His Word. Confidence in Him alone and a Holy fear/reverence of Him alone will glorify Him within our lives and make us more than Conquerers through Him Who has Saved us.

GOD Bless!

"Modern Myths About Satan and Spiritual Warfare."

 2011/5/20 14:09

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 Re: Some Scriptural Sanity on Satan, by Servant -

Thank you for the link. . . I needed some more reading material :)

Look forward to this read.

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Hi Sis. Spurgeon wrote a good deal about spiritual warfare. E.M. Bounds also.
Two books from Whitaker House Pub. by Spurgeon - "Spurgeon on Prayer & Spiritual Warfare" and "Power over Satan".
E.M. Bounds from the same publisher - "Guide to Spiritual Warfare".
Sometimes you can get the Table of Contents from these books and find the them in the form of articles on the net. Or even the whole of some of these, as the first one by Spurgeon was a compilation.

We should be preaching a 'Fear Busting Gospel' or not be preaching at all, until we can.

Praise The LORD of Glory!

 2011/5/24 18:30

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