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 Frightening, Evil Dream--need prayer

I have just had a very creepy and evil dream this day, a dream so creepy and demonic feeling that I don't think it to be merely an average dream that means nothing. Is there anyone who can interpret?? It just makes me almost sick.

What little i can recall now is that there was this ugly, drab house (inside and out) in which these 3 or 4 (?) people of some zombie-like nature lived in. There was nothing overtly evil about them, they just seemed to move around like the Adam's Family (to give you the best description i can think of). But inside i sensed there was something demonic, unclean, or evil about them and that they were NOT to be trusted. I also cannot recall if I met the people before or after i used the restroom.

I entered in order to use the restroom (but i may have been invited into the house by a young woman living there, not recalling quite clearly) and when i entered to use the restroom it resulted in a hole suddenly appearing in my forehead. The hole was almost like a mouth or the size of a mouth, and almost as though it had a lower lip. I did not have it when i went in but it was there when i came out. I asked someone in the dream--i can't recall who--and they told me it was from entering into that place. But I had entered in innocently and with only normal, good intentions, not for any evil purpose (nor had i sinned in using the bathroom/basic human need).

I think there was also a beach and sunshine at some point outside of the place but after being in that place i was not interested in the beauty of the beach. I think i must have come to the house from the beach.

This dream left me feeling creeped out in a way words cannot describe. The end felt yukky and the vibe remained with me all day. I wonder, should i just pass it off as a bad dream or does it have some deeper meaning for me? Is it a warning about something to avoid in future or is it a warning of something that has already happened? I had an evil dream earlier in the week also but cannot remember that one. This one makes me almost want to throw up.

 2011/5/15 2:10

 Re: Frightening, Evil Dream--need prayer

Baruch HaShem Adonai!

Well Sis, thankfully SI doesn't encourage this stuff as other websites do. Though, truthfully - I'd rather someone post what troubles them here then at those other places.
I've seen up to 25 different interpretations to one person's dream or vision at those other places and GOD is Not the Author of Confusion - Amen!?!

I'd say you should just pray and ask the LORD if you're not discerning any fears of what slipping into something that 'looks off' in the first place could do, as far as coming back out and saying something off yourself. Dreams about mouths normally stem from a fear of our mouths. I think many of us fear that, in one way or another, but it's expressed differently with each of us. The lady upstairs from me was having multiple mouth dreams, but for different reasons than anything that you would have. She's just a person who left the protestant church for some other 'church' and can't control her mouth, At All.

Not an "interpretation" for you. I believe that all dreams given to a person should & will be interpreted by Him alone, to the person who had the dream; according to the Word of GOD.
Dreams come from three places - Where our thoughts were while awake or GOD or the enemy.
Sometimes our own fears can be mixed in with any of those sources and the LORD will use them to expose our fears and what we fear is a danger, for His Own reasons.
Hope this helps.

The Good Shepherd's protection over you. Fear Not, because of His Protective Love for those who abide in Him.
And always, with His Joy - which is our Strength. :)

 2011/5/15 3:14


Nope, cant say i have any fears related to my mouth. Only fear i have lately is ending up homeless in the street and i did not go to bed afraid. No, this dream had a very demonic feel to it. Like i said, it made me feel virtually nauseous.

 2011/5/15 3:40


The hole like a mouth with a lip was in 'your' forehead.
That was my concern.

GOD help you to find the answer that's from Him.

 2011/5/15 5:25

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I suggest you share your concern with the LORD. I used to have bad dreams and eventually talked to the LORD about it and they have stopped. Seems to me that too many times we ignore some of the messages our dreams are communicating to us. However, I do not think that all of our dreams have any special meanings: like your teeth all falling out! lol Or, you are working hard to get ready to go somewhere but just cannot quite get it done!

God bless and hope you will find the help you need.


Sandra Miller

 2011/5/15 9:13Profile

 Re: Frightening, Evil Dream--need prayer

"Is there anyone who can interpret?? It just makes me almost sick." CyAn

I do not understand "why" the Lord allows Satan to attack our dreams...but I know that it happens...and possibly the more-so the closer you get to the Lord, or the more authority and responsibility that you have acquired in the Kingdom of God.

I remember John Wimber [ of whom I have the utmost respect deceased..] commenting on the multiple times he would awake at three AM, sweating and shaking...and retreating to his study to pray and worship....after severe demonic attacks.

He attributed these attacks as the common price one payed who was called into ministry; "It comes with the territory" attitude. He had hundreds and hundreds of churches at that time, depending on his leadership.

We see that the great Apostle Paul; perhaps the spiritual giant of the entire new Testament..[ along with John the Baptist..]...attacked often.

1 Thessalonians 2:17-19 (
17 "But we, brethren, having been taken away from you for a short time in presence, not in heart, endeavored more eagerly to see your face with great desire.

18 "Therefore we wanted to come to you—

!!!"even I, Paul, time and again—but Satan hindered us."!!!

19 For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Is it not even you in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at His coming?"

Time and again.

I have had too many dream attacks to count. One thing I have learned, is that the dreams, though they may seem so real, are not.....and the things that I may do, or say, in those dreams are NOT ME!, nor are the circumstances presented real, nor are they prophetic.

They are the projections of whatever unclean spirit that is allowed to present wickedness AS me. I thoroughly reject these experiences...and immediately ask the Father to wash me, as I take authority over them , through the blood of Jesus.

I might add here; I have had Night-visions and dreams from God...prophetic words that I believe to be from Him. I have also had dreams from the devil, that first seemed to be from the Father.

The difference between a "soul" dream, or a demon induced counterfeit, has always been the Presence of the Holy Spirit in the Dream, and an unmistakable Peace and glory/love attached to the Holy ones....even in dreams that unveiled judgments coming.

This dream was the attack of an unclean devil....that manipulated your imagination and emotions....allowed by God. It was not you, nor is there one iota of truth in it. Forget about it...and move on.

Ask Jesus to wash His blood, and worship Him, and thank Him, that you are saved, and that Satan is defeated, and put under your feet by His holy Blood.

This is the foundation of our confession that Jesus is Lord.

PS: even in sexual situations that Satan may project upon you in dreams...[ I've had many..]....these are not you!!! These are attacks by demons manipulating your thoughts and desires.

Do NOT fall under condemnation as they were you. You are covered by the blood...and matter what the accuser may say or project. Amen.

 2011/5/15 10:51


Thankyou for your advice BrotherTom, and everyone. Yes, i prayed to the Lord about it last night. It took awhile to be able to pray about something so upsetting. I also recalled something else which i should have mentioned earlier...

Last week I had experienced what i thought might be a demonic attack; on occasion i have had these experiences where just as i am about to fall asleep there is a 1-2-3 knocking on my bedroom door even tho living alone and of course there is no one there. It is always knock, knock, knock. This only occurs at the threshold of sleep and it may be harrassment from the evil one to prevent me from sleeping (i suffer from extremely severe insomnia and chronic pain and ANY sleep is like purest GOLD to me). I began to worry that my place might be haunted (by demons) and the next night left the Christian radio station on playing all night so praise music would be playing most of the time.
I later also did some research on signs of demonic possession, etc and found something that said that in cases of demonic knocking they often knock 3 times to mock the Trinity. I had never heard or known that before. There is also a family that lives in the same building and i have no way of knowing what spiritual darkness they might have let into this place over the years or any occult activities by previous occupants, etc. I did pray to cleanse the place when i moved in years ago but who knows.

Anyway, i had forgotten all about it this week but from time to time have had a question in my mind as to whether this place is clean of devils. I now wonder if this factored in to the dream.

 2011/5/15 23:20

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 Re: Frightening, Evil Dream--need prayer

Actually, pieces of your dream line up with something I asked the LORD about a few days ago. However, there are some pieces that do not fit at all, but as a result of your bringing this forth I will watch to see if more of them fall into place

I think there was also a beach and sunshine at some point outside of the place but after being in that place i was not interested in the beauty of the beach. I think i must have come to the house from the beach.

Maybe it would be best if you just returned to the sunshine and the beach? The darkness will draw you in if you spend too much time looking at it.

God bless you CyAn. I will be praying that you turn away from the darkness and get back to the sonshine.

 2011/5/16 1:45Profile


Maybe it would be best if you just returned to the sunshine and the beach? The darkness will draw you in if you spend too much time looking at it

No, sorry, that doesnt register anything for me either.

*****I now consider this post closed; i will not be checking back anymore on replies so if you have any strong feelings about the dream you would like to share just message me instead, thanx.******

 2011/5/27 5:28

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