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 Soldier, Statesman, Martyr

Soldier, Statesman, Martyr

Good Friday, 2011

A soldier is someone who fights in an army. A statesman is one who is skilled in the practice and principles of government. A martyr, loosely defined, is anyone that gives their life in the service of a cause.

It is reported that after President McKinley was shot by an anarchist that approached him in a line as he stood greeting people, that he cried out ”Boys! Don’t let them hurt him”.

It is said too that, as he lay dying, President McKinley’s last words were “It is God’s way; His will be done, not ours.”

These few short details, whether true or not, and significant about the death of the 25th President, may also remind us about the Savior. And how it was that He saved us.

How, when in the garden, He said not as I will.

When upon the cross, He said Father forgive them.

Who was not merely a soldier but the only one strong enough to beat back the armies of hell.

Not merely a statesman, but the King of Heaven.

Who was crucified, not only by the anarchy of the devil and those who rejected his rule, but by all our sins together.

Who died not for any ordinary cause, but to save us all.

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