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 On loving God

From Greg's posted tweets: "What's wrong with American Christianity is that we do not love God - we only like him." - Leonard Ravenhill

I have been hearing God through Isaiah for a year now. It may be that Abraham and David loved God, but mostly I do not see in the Old Testament that man LOVED God. They did not love Him when they asked Moses to stand between them and God (for one tiny example). This could explain why He gave the first commandment "Love God" - as a commandment (had to give it?). It was not at heart a memory problem that resulted in His chosen people panicking three days after God parted the waters for them to pass. You do not forget the one you love.

When I saw this early in Isaiah, that the people did not love God, it just broke my heart.

Of course they did not know Him in addition to not loving Him. Perhaps it took the incarnation for man to come to, be able to, know Him enough to Love Him. Before that, like Paul, they knew OF Him. What a difference is shown in Phil. 3:10. I am sure you can see the parallels. What a powerful point Ravenhill has here. How it breaks my heart. Oh what have we done with the gift – of knowing Him!

Jesus gave one commandment: that we love one another. Is this due to a similar situation? Do we need a commandment?

I know this: You always hear the one you love – love God and love one another. And, sin breaks more than God's law. It breaks His heart.

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