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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : 'Philadelphia 11' fighting PA "hate crimes" law

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Neilgin1 wrote:
In all due respect, no sir! Its just getting good.

Think about this, to get tossed in the clink for Jesus? To suffer for the Name?

"well Neil, you wouldn't be rejoicing when they were fingerprinting you".

Probably not, but I would be praying in the Spirit that He'd fill me so full of the Spirit, that at midnight I'd be singing, "Here I am to worship" in that cell.


Neil, I totally agree with you. I guess what I was getting at is the decline in America is getting rough, the times are getting bad as they are prophecied to. I agree and I think things are only gonna get worse. I am running into Christians every day who are comforming to this new "prophetic" move of how soon God is gonna move and he's gonna give everything over to the Christians, He's gonna hand over the television airwaves to Christian majority(I know this cause I work for Christian TV station that have a belief that they are gonna have their Christian youth shows airing on MTV among other things). People saying God is gonna give the radio stations over to Christians. Basically there is a belief that God is unleashing a "prosperity" among his people and that he seeks to beautify the church. I talked to a guy the other day who sent me what was suppossed to be an inspirational message but ended up being very disturbing. He stated that the "former rain" was just to reach out to the lost and the "latter rain" is to beautify the church. In this said "beautifying" process it would glorify the Christians and the church so much that in so THAT would be what wins the masses to Jesus, THAT would be the reasoning for people wanting to join the kingdom of God. I think I may be getting into a whole other topic here and Im actually writing an article about it so Im gonna try to cut this part short. Anyhow, I believe Christians have much more opposition and persecution to come here in America, I know some Christians I have tried to share this with and they have treated me as if I was a doom and gloom theorist and that I was mislead in God's word because I havnt comformed to the modern "prophetic" movements and the prophecies that come out of these movements that are just Heretical to biblical teachings. I am having disagreements with people I love that are very close and dear to me and Im being told that I am to analytical in everything. They tell me that I analyze things right away too much, as I hear things. Correct me if Im wrong but I thought that is basic discernment. If one goes about their walk with God as to listening and hearing people preach messages but yet they never have their gaurd up and never check it out and see if it lines up with the word of God then they are gonna be decieved in no time at all.
Want to talk Prophecy fulfillment?.. There is a great deception in the world of Christianity today that even the very elect are being fooled.

Am I wrong? If so PLEASE rebuke me!!
Am I right? If so please pray for me.

I am looking for a church in my area with more Christians who are passionate in the truths of God's word.


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"by dougkristen on 2004/12/4 22:19:52


What can we do to support you? Would you like us to come support you at the trial?


Honestly, I would ask that you pray that Judge Bradley Moss who will hear this case will judge righteously. The next preliminary hearing is on Dec. 14. We don't know yet when the trial will be. Having a presence at the trial is great but prayer from wherever you are is better.

If you go to[]Repent America[/url] you can find the contact information for the Philadelphia Police to speak out on our behalf.


Dennis Green

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