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 Wanna listen to something good?

the website I wanna turn you all onto is called "arutz sheva" jukebox:

you'll see in the right hand column about a third of the way down a program entitled

"Shirat Kol Chai with Gidi Sharon"

click on this, its Jewish music from North Africa and Yemen (I think

there's also a lot more programs, etc , Hassidic pop music, just plain Israeli music.

I got turned onto Arutz by reading a NY Times magazine article entitled , "The Unsettlers", about the ultra-orthodox kids who settle the hilltops in Judea and Samaria(sic, the west bank)
Arutz Sheva was a pirate radio station that all the devout kids would listen to. This article was so great, this kids are completely sold out to God. They settle hilltops with nothing more than an trailer, a dumpster, and a generator. These are not the classic orthodox you think of, Hassidim....this kids look like hippies wearing yarmulkes, and most dont carry weapons(later edit I was wrong about this, I re-read the article), it was an amazing article, I wish I had downloaded it digitally, instead I share their radio station.

Are they Messianic?


What you have to realize about our people is that a lot of them think and feel, that the minute you accept Yeshua as Messiah, you stop being Jewish. Most obviously, this is a demonic lie, but you must realize there is a very bad past regarding forced conversions and "church" (roman church) oppression....very bad past.

so anyway, pray for an endtimes deliverance.

this program, Shirat Kol Chai is so neat, because if you listen to some of the songs, and close your eyes, you can see the 6th Chapter of 2nd Samuel, you can see King David and the men and women of Jerusalem dancing before the Ark, oh what Heady days of delight those must have been!

 2004/12/1 14:11

 Link to the article, "The Unsettlers"

 2004/12/1 14:24

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