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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Gwen Wilkerson

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 Gwen Wilkerson

Let's please continue to hold up David Wilkerson's wife, Gwen, in prayer. The family and his ministry is asking for our prayers to continue.

Glorify Yourself here powerful God.

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 Re: Gwen Wilkerson

Yes amen. May she fully recover from the accident and also may the Lord comfort her heart with great purpose and His love for the rest of her days until she also goes to heaven with our Master.

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 Re: Gwen Wilkerson

Amen, and Amen!

This has been the most grievious part of this whole tragedy.

She saw it happen. She was sitting right next to the man she's loved, who helped her through all of her infirmities and cared for her as she was bed-ridden, etc., for so many years, since they've met each other.

I cannot fathom the horror and shock that that would cause a loving wife.

It's one thing to get a phone call - it's another to be sitting right there 'with' your husband and see it.

GOD have mercy indeed. May The LORD strengthen her with His Strength. Heal her memories and show her Jesus through this whole event and the feelings since. Only a glimpse of Jesus can heal.
A loving spouse never forgets - but needs so badly the visuals and the shock and horror brought to Him for a healing that only a limitless GOD can produce.

Thank you Joyful Heart.

 2011/5/3 11:10

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I agree. We are praying for this wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and godly example.


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Jesus-is-GOD, there is full confidence in my heart that the LORD has a purpose for Gwen being with David when He was taken. I have been in two head on type collisions, and one does not really have time to "see" what is happening. The first accident I have no knowledge of whatsoever, just the before and the after. In the second one, the LORD stretched time just long enough for me to realize what was happening and to call upon Him (I was hanging upside down as my vehicle slid backwards with dirt flying around and the sound of gravel upon metal right next to my ear - just enough time to visualize my flesh between that metal and gravel and to call upon Him in terror).

In the first case only my knee was bruised and in the second case, only my wrist was broken - in both cases there was no pain. My cat was ejected and killed in the second accident, and personally I find it comforting to know that she did not experience any pain or discomfort. For me it would have been a much worse thing to just have her disappear one day, never knowing exactly what happened to her.

I am continuing in prayer for Gwen and the rest of the family. That He would comfort them, and strengthen them. I cannot imagine having such a sweet presence being taken so suddenly from one's life - but then all sweetness comes from our LORD and it is really Him that we were loving after all.

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 Re: Gwen Wilkerson

 2011/5/3 19:24

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