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 Set aside time...

Dear family in Christ,
I was reading this article written by dr.Charles Stanley and it is so true.
I want to share these words with you today, praying it will touch your heart..
May it bring our hearts even closer to our Heavenly Father.

Joshua 1:6-As God instructed Joshua about how the Israelites would take possession of the Promised Land, He included a vital instruction: to meditate on His law day and night and to obey everything it said. This would guarantee success.
Meditation is still crucial for believers today. In our culture, we are inundated by worldly values and godless priorities. Unless we guard our hearts, they will slowly begin to accept these unrighteous standards.
Therefore, we should discipline ourselves to meditate daily upon God’s Word, focusing our attention on His character and His ways. This involves prayerfully reading Scripture, being silent before the Lord so we can hear from Him, and applying biblical truth to our lives.
Of course, these things don’t just happen. Distractions take away from our ability to focus, so it is necessary to set aside a time when we can be still and listen. Consider the benefits of doing so. Meditation . . .
• Quiets our spirit and provides an avenue for God to purify our hearts.
• Develops a hunger for the Word so we can gain deeper understanding of Jesus and greater sense of His power.
• Improves our discernment about direction for our lives.
• Sharpens our awareness of His presence.
Meditation may involve a small sacrifice of rising earlier or giving up free time during the day. But living a Christ-centered life filled with peace and joy depends upon our commitment to focus our minds and hearts on Him regularly. Are you willing to discipline yourself to set aside time each day?

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 Re: Set aside time...

It is so very essential....and yet so very, very difficult to do in our culture....May God grant us first the desire, and then the grace to carve out this time for Him alone. Thank you so much for posting this, Browny.

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