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 Should I read anything into Wilkersons departure

I have been blessed for many years by Pastor Wilkerson's ministry. Many times I would receive his newsletter and be shocked and awed at how on target it was with what the Lord had been teaching me that month. I have read his Prophetic messages and quaked. I know he never refered to himself as a prophet but he has a track record of one. with his predictions of the dire events to come soon upon America. Am I the only one who sense's that the departure of (my opinion) the greatest prophet of the 20 century means the tipping point has been reached and we are on a collision course with the awful things he saw?


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 Re: Should I read anything into Wilkersons departure

I was with my pastor in his car years ago and the water pump went out and we were on a mission trip and some man in the car asked, "Did someone in this car sin b/c now we have to wait to get it fixed?" The pastor said, "No, this car has 180,000 miles on it and the water pump has never been replaced." He was trying to blame someone in that car on the car breaking down but it's what happens.

Brother, I don't know and this is just Lisa, a human being saying this, but David Wilkerson was 80 years old and we really don't live forever. Some people will try and connect that huge storm that just passed through to his death but he was an elderly man who if truth be told had that "going home look" in his eyes. We'll meet him some glad morning when this life is over!

To God be all the glory,
God bless,


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