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 Fire breathing vicars & Jesus Deck Readings...

Just some of what will be found at Manchester cathedral 2nd May. If each person reading this could please lift a prayer for a group of us as we head into Manchester tomorrow to witness to groups going to Manchester Cathedral's first ever 'Christian' Spirituality fair - the Spirit of Life. There's not many of us and we don't really know what to expect only that God can do great and mighty things through hearts surrendered to Him making themselves wholly available to do His will!

 2011/5/1 18:05

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 Re: Fire breathing vicars & Jesus Deck Readings...

Bless you as you are obedient to Christ in this witnessing. Look to them as poor dying sinners without a saviour and shares God's heart of compassion for them.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 A fruitful day!

Thanks Greg and thank you to all who prayed. We had many saints praying for us. When we arrived there was a great turn out of many saints who heard of the event and decided to take a stand. I would describe today as something of a victory although I was really sad and angry at a small few in how they conducted themselves.
There was not a big turn out for the actual event itself, praise the Lord! One man who we gave a tract to came out of the event and began to thank us for the warning! Another came out because they could not cope with the incense that was being burned.
One lady exchanged emails with me because she couldn't help but think of our conversation all day. She was one of the organisers.
There were many conversations with the people before they went into the event. Many were very angry with us from the start and couldn't understand the problem or why were were there.
It really was a fruitful day and I wish I had time to go into detail. It is such an honor to be used for the advance of God's kingdom!

 2011/5/2 12:50

 Re: A fruitful day!

Hi Geraldine,

I missed this report when you posted it. Thank you for the details, especially about some of the individuals who have been affected by the saints OUTSIDE the Cathedral.

It's good to know there are other people who don't like that incense!

Do you know if anyone was led to the Lord, that day?

 2011/5/7 4:18

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