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 Im not asking for prayer or awnsers just posting my heart

I spent all weekend before the Lord and he showed me many things about my self and what he wants to do with me. He told me what my gift was and gave me revelation about the armour of God and how it relates to me. It was the most beatiful time that i have spent with the Lord. as i went through the scriptures. he explained the whore of badylon to me and why jesus wore the purple or scarlet rob on his way to the crucifixition. every scripture he took me too he opened more and more of himself until such a point that i couldnt keep searching as my physical body wore out. I prayed for the underworld figure and saw god do amazing things in his life as well as my co-worker. i wept over the stone that encases my wifes heart. The lord showed me that my feet will be like the deer and that he will take me to the high mountains.

this morning as i came home my heart sunk and although i rebuked the enemy he has continued all day to hound my thoughts and offer me his version of love in the flesh. this heavyness that has come upon me has not ceased. i am still free this day but i feel that the enemy has somehow has shot his fiery dart and hit its mark in me. At this i stand in the knowledge that if i am counted for tribulation that it is for the glory of the lord.

Although i have fear that the enemy will overcome me and i will be as a dog who goes back to its vomit. i will in faith and do now place this at the cross and my lord strenghten me, protect me as i run into your arms bruised and battered. Let your love alone be sufficient for me and not the worlds. i am young lord in the maturity of fruit and can not sit and boast that i know any better from experience then this.

i girdle my loins with truth, that is that i will keep righteousness and love close to my mind. i put on the shoes of the gosepel of peace so that i may preach your peace amongst all men who are condemed to die twice and are troubled by the fears of this world. i put on the breatplate of righteousness that i may not cause you or men offence. in the lefthand i take the shield of faith to quench all the wicked and fiery darts so that your spiritual gifts in me are not quenched and that you will be my sheild lord. in the right hand i take the sword of the spirit this is your word lord which cuts through principalities.

Lord renew and protect my mind from the enemy, and the bone in which i smashed in your name today i rebuke all ancestrial spirits attached to it. God you are righteous in all your glory and that you have reconciled me to you today through your son. it is not mine to battle scripture but to urge saints to know you, not just through scripture but also through spirit as one cannot stand with out the other. thankyou oh lord that i can pick up my cross and follow you. Lord i pray that your spiritual authority will work through me to set the captives free wether it be one or two or many. I shall not seek signs and wonders as they will be behind me but i shall seek your face and that all men may know through me that you are the living God yesterday today and forever. I thankyou Lord that who i was in the flesh was wicked and abomination through thought and actions my mind was riddled with adultery, murder, theft idolotry and every fowl thing that lived on this earth. now as your adopted son i pray that you use me and keep me safe. For thine is the glory forever and ever Amen

karl rashleigh

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