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 I could use some prayer

The LORD has given me a short period for uninterrupted prayer and the enemy has come in like a flood. It seems like I am doing everything but praying and I can not seem to help myself as I am falling for one trick after another. :(

Also we have some storms on the horizon and I have this sense of impending doom . . . I keep weeping - this morning, as I was cooking meat for the dog, the LORD showed me how before the fall, His creatures did not have to consume one another for sustenance. Oh how we have marred and scarred the beauty of His creation. I don't think we even have a clue about the depth of the destruction that has come upon the land as a result of our sin.

I really am ready to go home any time now.

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 Re: I could use some prayer

I really am ready to go home any time now.

Me too Sister!

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Thank you for your prayers. I was finally able to go to prayer and the storm never materialized. We only received a soft rain that I needed for some things that I had just planted in my garden.

Peace be within thee.

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