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 Effectual David Wilkerson Messages

I have been particularly blessed by these sermons from the late David Wilkerson:

Christless Pentecost pt. 1

Christless Pentecost pt. 2

The Cost of Going All the Way

Winning Christ

Men of Another Sort

A Spirit of Slumber

A Call to Anguish

Please do share any messages that have particularly blessed you.


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 Re: Effectual David Wilkerson Messages

Good selection.

Here is another that had an important impact on my life shortly after I came to Christ.



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 Re: Effectual David Wilkerson Messages

These are all good. The first two are my favorites because we heard them back when we all needed to or began to need to hear these things most - but so was "The Cost" message.

Thanks Brother Giggles!

 2011/4/30 21:19

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 Re: Effectual David Wilkerson Messages

One of the first David Wilkerson sermon's I listened to was this one, the title caught my attention:

Wild Donkeys


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Praise GOD. Thanks for that Lysa. He preached that in Providence R.I. once and that's when he took the time to pray with me behind the stage after the sermon about something that I feared was personally wrong in myself that he said wasn't the problem at all but he got a word of knowledge that was right on target.
Not too many men in his position would take the time to pray with anyone like that when they're heading out.
That left a life-long impression on me. I lived in Connecticut at the time and would write him when he was still in Texas. He Never minded anyone disagreeing with him and if he decided that he was wrong, he retracted it by writing another whole paper on the topic. Never claimed innerancy.
That's another thing that not too many men in his position would do. No one needed to fear disagreeing with him. Even those who wrote against him, but not 'to' him. He was a friend to people. Never made anyone feel as though he was above anyone else in any way.
Now that's enough of memories to bring the tears again.
Bittersweet tears, but thank you for posting that Lisa.

 2011/4/30 23:20

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