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 Underworld figure

i am currently seeing a client who is well known as a strong man for the underground crime syndicate. he has been in and out of my life over the last 2 months. i havent had an opportunity yet as to speak about God to him as it is against my employment to do so and i am shadowed when talking with him due to his repretation and history.

when i first met him he was kicked out (ommitted due to possiblity of being recognised). which he is quite capable of doing. when he left our place, (ommitted due to possiblity of being recognised). he came back to see me today and he has had enough, his life is on the verge of being contracted, he may be doing six years in jail. the enemy is doing a work on him as he is reaping what he sows.

the holy spirit told me that he is close to killing himself. i need prayer for him and myself for an oportunity to open for Jesus to come into his life. Im going to pray tonight for him but i know that i need other prayers and a word from the lord on this. I have a gut feeling that God is going to use me with this man but i need confermation on it.

sorry had to edit some information as it was too discriptive

karl rashleigh

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 Re: Underworld figure


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Praying with you all for this man.
Praying protection over you both Crusader. Where GOD calls - He enables!! That's a Missionary's Trust!

 2011/4/28 12:58

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Very sobering but exciting as well to be used by God this way. Joining in agreement with the other saints. Be glorified here Lord.

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