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 Mechanics of your prayer life

I have been hearing a steady stream of people saying we need to get back to prayer and we don't do enough of it. It causesd me to think of what exactly is prayer?

I always get the impression from many that prayer is talking to God and speaking out His promises but is that it?
How much of it is being quiet? FOr how long?

What are the mechanics of your prayer life? HOw do you balance actually speaking with being quiet and listening? Is your prayer life more of an ongoing attitude throughout the day and so some of it becomes mental prayings, other parts of it becomes a song and still other parts becomes that quietness of soul?

And then when do you realize God has spoken to you?


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 Re: Mechanics of your prayer life

Before I was saved, prayer was a laundry list. Now it is a time to praise God. I usually start by praising Him for who He is. It seems to put me in a place of greater reverence and humility when He is exalted. That in turn creates in me a desire to hear from Him what He would have me receive. There are times I ask that my sanctification come no matter what the cost. Then there are those times that I am more reserved. I know that even if it is to be painful that He will not place on me more than I can bear. Sometimes there are great floods of wisdom, direction, discernment, correction, confession, and burden. Sometimes there are tears. Sometimes grieving for sinners or conditions.

Sometimes silence, but rarely silence. My times of silence are never good. They come when I have given him my leftover time and not my most precious times. When I squeeze Him in between other things that have become more of a priority, that is usually when I hear nothing. It is most grievous when it happens. There will most likely be silence when I am under conviction and not responding.That is where only the cricket can be heard. I would ask that one quantify silence or how can someone who is of Christ truly be silent? How can we as saints who love God over all things sit and be void of thought When we pray. The mere action of prayer is to place our minds in subjection to His. To gain His will over our own. So immediately coming to Him our thoughts will be on Him. Even coming to hear Him in silence our thoughts will be on Him in a form of praise waiting for the Spirit to speak and lead us.

It is funny that this morning I was praying for one whom I had forgotten to pray for earlier. So while I was brushing my teeth I was praying for this person. The thought came to me, would I talk to the most respected man I know in such a cavalier fashion? This was not a man. This was the Creator of all things. Everyone of His attributes exceeds our ability to comprehend them. I know this may sound silly or pious but He deserves so much more respect than this.

Many times I bring to Him those who I would have Him bring to the end of themselves and ask that God reveal Himself to them. I pray for God's protection over my loved ones and that He keep them safe at least until they have come to know Him and live for Him and Him alone. I never pray enough for my enemies. There are seasons of this but never enough. This must have been a constant prayer of our Lords.
When I pray, there are my thoughts in silence being spoken. Then it becomes like a dance where God takes the lead and I follow. The words in silence are still spoken but now with wisdom and direction as though the Spirit was unrestrained This is the most difficult thing I have spoken of on SI because it is the most intimate. I do hope others will expose themselves in this most intimate area of their lives. God has made us unique and yet we share this in common as children of the Most High. May we share such intimacy.

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