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I used to know the brother in New York that published War on the Saints and he let me buy the hardbound edition from him for 10 bucks apiece! His name was Thomas Lowe. It has been handed down to another brother who wrote, "The Bible, The Supernatural and The Jews". This is an amazing book and you should pick one up for yourself.

It is out of print but I noticed that Amazon has 13 of them starting at 3.26. Used of course, but who cares.

Here is a comment and the link:

This is one of the best books that I have ever had the privilege of reading. The author is completely new to me, but the subjects of the Bible, the Supernatural & the Jews are not.
The author declares during the preface of this book that he had in fact initially sat down to diligently write another book on another subject, when suddenly & with no prior announcement, a theme was struck and words began to inexplicably flow with such a rapidity that three & a half days later, some 167 un-chaptered pages had piled up which form the basis of this book.

I appreciate that there will be many scoffers, and many who will undoubtedly approach this book with a degree of apathy or scepticism, but all I can say is that having studied the subjects concerned for many years, I fail to find any errors within what is written here on any of the subjects concerned or matters discussed.

The writer maintains that, above and beyond the natural realm, exists another realm peopled by unseen, intelligent beings. A supernatural domain of angels, demons exactly as outlined in the Bible, that are intensifying their involvement and contact with the human race in what the Bible describes as these `last days'.

A plethora of examples describes with incredible clarity and precision, this spiritual realm together with it's implications for each individual, the human race and the nations.

The book eloquently describes an affirmation of the Biblical and `spiritual reality' beyond `human reality'. Further to this the author describes the person of [evil], his reality, origin, intent, nature & agenda, together with a detailed explanation of the dangers associated with the occult & it's widespread disposition in so much of today's society and the world in general.

The book also examines the unique relationship of the Jewish people to Almighty God, a people who were chosen to be separate and distinct from other peoples and through whom God would provide blessing and the message of redemption to the whole world. The Jewish foundations of Christianity are also examined, as indeed are all the above matters in relation to their Biblical context.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I commend this even to the sceptics amongst you. It is so well written that no prior knowledge of these subjects is required.

Although sadly now out of print, this book is still readily available second hand. I shall continue to treasure my copy.


I didn't get very far into this book, when I had to run out and buy a bible to see if it really said what this book said that it said. (It was too good to be true, and I couldn't believe that what Phillips said was really in the bible.) It was, and I couldn't get down on my knees fast enough to give my life to the Lord. That was nearly 30 years ago, and they have been the best 30 years of my life thanks to McCandlish for leading me to Salvation.
Many times I have thanked God for this book. It truly is an annointed work, and I am eternally grateful to McCandlish Phillips for allowing the Holy Spirit to flow through him to produce this wonderful work. When we get to Heaven and see the bible in its entirety, this will be the Book of McCandlish.


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I have the Rebecca Brown books but yet I remember sometime back that she was supposedly exposed as a fraud. I don't know if that is true or not but I have 3 books of hers. I haven't read them in quite a while. I also have one called 'Lucifer dethroned'. Yet you have to ask yourself. how much of these type books does one really need before you begin crossing that line that you shouldn't cross?


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Here is the thing. There is a camp that goes to one extreme and denies the supernatural and this is not helpful.

There is another extreme that blames everything on demons and this also is not helpful.

I will say that Jessie's and Mccandish Phillips books are excellent. My interest is more in helping people recognize the enemies workings in their lives and helping them get free.

But, everything you say could be very true about her. Satan always puts up a fight and humans always make mistakes. I think there are a lot of attacks on those who are in the business of exposing the works of darkness and a lot of times we are very naive.

It's always good to be on the alert and not take anything anyone says carte blanche until the Lord confirms it in your spirit.


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To soloman101

I must say that your intent behind most of your post i find to be offensive, and the scriptual defence does not sit right at all in my spirit. I would probaly be classed as penticostal but i have seen many in this church go astray due to uncircumsied ears. little by little i saw many churches allow just a little bit of wrong doctrine on the pulpit and as a result these same churches are now filled with false doctrines and follow another Gosepel.

Seeing you use the word "Bogus" highlights the position of your heart in this matter and then you post scripture to defend your position. The principalities behind this whole thread should have pointed you to what was going on but you look at the flesh rather then spirit. I testify that Jesus would encourage all his sheep to be able to chew cud on different readings today as this shows the maturity of the fruit. I have read the welsh revival and all the comments about Jesse durring that time and i decided to still read her book for myself because i trust that jesus will quicken my understanding to parts that are not of him (this is why we must chew the cud)in many many parts of her book she is spot on with how the enemy has ensnared many christians today even the elect. hence the state of the christian churches today which testify to this loudly.

many of the posts on this thread i neither class as right or wrong but brothers and sisters eating bread together at the same table sharpening each others swords.

karl rashleigh

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 Re: Counterfeit of the Occult - Some things to know and remember

brothers and sisters eating bread together at the same table sharpening each others swords.

Amen. I haven't read JPL yet, but will try to do so this weekend.

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I will be the first to admit there is a lot I don't know and I am glad that the Lord sees fit to work through His Body to teach us (if we are teachable). We share what the Lord has shared with us. Just like you said and AtG quoted, below, we are "sharpening swords" and "eating bread together".

I am grateful that the Lord pushed me on to read certain books even though the authors were attacked and discredited. Would we expect anything less from the Evil One?

The worst thing we can do if we can't comprehend something is to vilify one another. We should just pray, "Lord give us light, give us understanding".

Christians are'nt really taugth about Satan. They are afraid to talk about him and that is just fine with the enemy. He has most people thinking that he just sits on their shoulders and tempts them. Believers think that talking about Satan glorifies him.

I am reminded of Howard Pittman, who testified that for 50 years in the Baptist church he was never taught about Satan. He was a brother that was greatly used of God in his latter years of his life. He was used more in the last part of his life than all of his 50 years walking with the Lord once the Lord taught him some things about the enemy that he never knew.

That was a bold statement by him, because he and his wife were foster parents of 13 children through the years and as a New Orleans police officer, he used to preach on the streets during the weekends.

If you can find his video of his testimony when he had a massive rupture of his aorta and died, you will not only be blessed but also be the recipient of some great insights into spiritual warfare. Obviously, he was brought back, but what he learned while "dead" for 15 minutes is very sobering.

Blessings to all,

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looking at Amazon for the 'war on the saints' book I see several books for the unabridged with varying dates on it and varying prices. Which one should I be looking for? The cheapest one that is UNABRIDGED?


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This is the exact book. White paper cover, red and blue print. 25.00-26.00


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 Re: I made me do it!

There are a number of dubious attributes to Mrs. Penn-Lewis. Evan Roberts evidently had a nervous breakdown, and after his seclusion under Penn-Lewis's oversight, never again emerged to the forefront. She believed her writings were Divinely inspired, and it seems that everything negative was the devil's fault, to bizarre extremes.

Also, Let us not forget the admonition of the great Apostle:1 Timothy 2:11-13 (King James Version)

11. Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

12. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

13. For Adam was first formed, then Eve.

There is a reason for this to be obeyed. Women are not equipped to teach, or exercise authority over men. I have never, ever seen one who usurped this command, do anything but bring error into the body....Jessie Penn-Lewis included. My counsel is to avoid her teachings. BT.

Here is some comment and exact quotes from that original work., by biographer... Brynmor Pierce Jones.

“Both Jessie and Evan had been taught that the prayers of earnest saints could hasten divine events and that the hesitations of saints could hinder and delay them. So the Body of Christ — that is, the entire fellowship of believers — could now delay the dispensation’s ending, the return, and millennial age. In reply to this, the critics would say, quite correctly, that prayer-petitions are cooperative acts and not manipulative acts, and that they cannot change God’s timings.

Penn-Lewis took her demonology to incredible extremes even claiming to know exactly where demons could reside in the body of a Christian. This is purely gnostic: personal, subjective, secret, unmediated knowledge, at worst — and wild imagination, at best.

She proposed in War on the Saints that demons:

“Quote from original War on Saints by Penn-Lewis..... "bury themselves in the very structure of the human frame, some acting directly upon the organs or appetites of the body, others upon the mind or intellect, sensibilities, emotions and affections, and others more immediately upon the spirit."

" In the body they specially locate themselves in the spinal column, nervous system, and deepest nerve centres, through which they control the whole being; from the ganglionic nerve centre located in the bowels, the emotional sensibilities, and all organs affected by them, to the cerebral nerve centre in the head, the eyes, ears, neck, jaws, tongue, muscles of the face, and delicate nerve tissues of the brain."

" They may obtain access gradually and insidiously, as already shown, but there are instances where they make a sudden assault, so as to rush the victim into involuntary surrender.”...Jessie Penn-Lewis

From the perspective of Penn-Lewis, there was hardly a part of the body safe from pestiferous spirits. Likewise in her view, demons could jump into and/or onto almost any part of the body at any time and possess believers.

No wonder most of the circulated editions of War on the Saints are abridged and cleaned up with the extreme nonsense edited out. The book belongs in the “scary science fiction” section of your local Barnes and Noble bookstore alongside the X Files.!!

Penn-Lewis put forth the impossible premise that demons could sin through the believer, causing the believer to be confused and think they were sinning when they were not. She called it counterfeit sin:

There is a multiplicity of errors here. The Bible does not take the position that besetting sins can be “supposed.” Hebrews 12:1 tells us we are to deal with our besetting sins precisely because they are ours. As well, Scripture nowhere teaches the concept of “counterfeit sins.”

This presents a dilemma for the believer. If he wrongly believes that the sin a demon committed (within him) is to be confessed as his own, he will bring even more of the “power of the enemy upon himself.” This could drive sensitive untaught believers to distraction or despair.

So, Penn-Lewis claimed that some of our sins may not be our sins and we are not responsible and in worse shape if we confess them. They are, in fact, the sins of the demons. But how could one ever really know?


It cannot be stated too strongly that all personal sin is the person’s sin and must be confessed as such (James 1:14-16, 1 John 1:9). We alone are responsible for the sins we commit (Ezekiel 18). There is not one verse of Scripture that would suggest that demons can do their sinning through the mind, will and body of a believer. This ascribes to demons far more power and ability than the Bible does.....G. Richard Fisher...
See article at:

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