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 prayer request for Canada

Please pray that God will have his way in the coming election on May 2.
That God will promote those whose hearts are pliable in his hands.
That his enemies will fail and God's will be done regarding this nation.
Pray that legislation will be introduced to protect the right to life as a result
of the new parliament that will be formed.


 2011/4/27 13:00

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 Re: prayer request for Canada

Amen. I believe Stephen Harper is a godly man and the other parties leaders do not seem as morally astute or conservative. The stance that Stephen Harper took on propecting Israel at any cost really shows me God's blessing on His life and the need for Christians to support this man in prayer.

He has not taken a strong stance against abortion or homosexuality but to me it doesnt matter what government is in power the Canadian people want these things to be legal sadly.

Oh that God would send a nation-wide revival that would change these things.

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 2011/4/27 13:02Profile


Praise God that a righteous man leads Canada. That stands as a rebuke to the U. S. God bless the land of the maple leaf. Our neighbor to the north.

 2011/4/30 15:12

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