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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Since Letting Go, Seems Like No One At the Wheel

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Joined: 2004/3/24
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Sister Di you wrote;
"There's a real "stir" taking place in the spirit" ...

Amen, and other saints are sensing this as well ... The Spirit is about to right the wrongs of the collective Body, and it only stands to reason that any with an ear to hear the Spirit will become the first responders ... In my own assembly i was first to surrender to the Spirt's voice to proclaim a dire need for repentance amongst we believer's, now others are doing so ... We have an open door before us, one that once we step thru it will leave so much of the wordly crud that has weighed us down on this side of the door ... i don't ever remember being as peaceful in spirit as i am right now, trusting totally in our Lord for everything ... Things are looking pretty dire on my job right now, and folk are so worried, but not me, not even in the slightest, becasue i finally, finally know that God has my life in His hands, to purpose with as He pleases ... He'll never leave me or forsake me, He crippled Jacob, then He took care of him for the rest of his good, long life ... Yes even after Peniel bad boy Reuben killed the men of Shechem and besmirched Jacob's name, but out of that God moved Jacob to Bethel an all out destroying of idols second time ... Yeah Rachael died too, but God gave Jacob Benjamin ... And yes even after Peniel Jacob suffered years of grief thinking that his beloved Joseph was dead, only to experience such a joyful reunion with Joseph in his old age, and to be made aware that what was once grief to him now became the revelation to him of how God had prepared so well for Jacob's remaining years ... That's why even in trials, tribulation and grief, a believer can always count on God's working it out to our good ...

i have a friend who the Lord has used me to minister "trust in Him" to who just had such an experience with God ... She's on a fixed income, has been trying to find a decent apartment for the last 2 1/2 years, but was always turned down because she didn't have enough income, all the while she's taking care of her elderly and onery mom ... Well just last week her beloved aunt Katherine died and that put her even more into a funk, and then out of the ether our Lord blesses her with her Aunt Katherine's condo, because her godly nephew said that our Lord told him that my friend was to have it ... Well needless to say we had a thanks and praise service to Him when she told me, and all she kept saying to me was, "You said He would take care of me, and He has" ... Like her, i too once gut wrenched over what i wanted "right now", and all it did was cause us unnecessary stress ... If God has for you, nothing and no one can stop you from recieving it, but in His own time ... i find it comforting that He's got it all laid out for me, i didn't before under my own power, but i sure do now under His! ...

You continued;
"I've come to one conclusion. We don't need to think too much".

Amen, not at all on anything that brings doubt, but never ending thought on all that is spoken of in Philippians ...

You continued;
"This is indeed the true problem. A single mind is what we are after. And a single mind is the mind that has come to agree with God on EVERYTHING. This basically means that I no longer have "a mind of my own."

Amen, renewed in the spirit of our own mind to the point of the transformation of our mind into that of the mind of Christ ...

You ended;
"this is it. This is how we walk on water, isn't it"?

Amen, when we dispense of all fear, fear which inevitably is the epitome of self centeredness, oh woe is me, what will become of me?, then like your song we disappear ... The only way to walk water in faith is to keep ones eyes and ears of faith tuned in solely on Christ ... It's like the Skittles rainbow commercial, as soon as the boy doubted the rainbow, he no longer sat atop the rainbow ... Same when we're walking water, but thank Him that all it takes for us to get back up on top is a "Jesus Save Me" ... My determination is to use my "Jesus Save Me" a whole lot less than i have in the past! ... Amen

In His love,

Br. R

 2004/12/6 13:21Profile

Joined: 2004/3/24
Posts: 1374


Sister Di, sister Phebe, and everyone else this thread may be speaking to ...This is a sermon i'm sure it will bless you!

Peniel (Meeting God Face to Face)

Br. R

 2004/12/9 14:08Profile

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Santa Clara, CA


Like Dian, I too am way behind and was just skimming back through when this arrested my attention:

He has been SO good lately. Just in the little things-- like my three-year-old daughter named Cassie. At lunch the other day she started talking about God. I asked her, "Does God ever talk to you, Cassie?"
Yes" she said.
"What does He say?" I asked.
"Well, actually, He's crying right now," she said.
"Why?" I said, amused.
"Because He wants you."
And with that, she got down to wash her hands and left me sitting, stunned and yearning at the table.
Yes, He does want me. And He's going to have me if it's the last thing I do!!

Oh my. I will take prohecies from a three year old anyday over anything that comes forth from our modern day so called, self styled sorts.
This is remarkable.

Mike Balog

 2004/12/9 15:11Profile

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