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 i want to bless God for the friends i've made ....RIGHT HERE

i just wanted to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the privledge of being blessed on this venue by making some real friendships.

True, this is cyberspace and one must exhibit caution and wisdom in such matters, but i do believe that God the Holy Ghost protects us, when our heart is pure and we seek Godly fellowship, and time and time again, i've been so blessed by REAL friends, brothers and sisters, who i've had the pleasure to talk with, to be with, and what makes this so different from say a secular friendship, is the obvious, Life in Christ, eternal.

and if you read this Greg, i thank the God of our salvation for putting in your heart to labor over such a ministry, because through that effort of His and yours, you have made my life richer, whether it be through exposing me to Duncan Campbell, or the many dear saints i can call friend, as well as brethern.

i know i vex you at times, as you might vex me, but that's Life Together, and for all those times i vex you, you know my heart is geared towards apologizing...humility. Life Together is one of bearing others burdens, and sometimes i want to just put my head on the desk, when i read some posts, but thats my issue, because there is Freedom in Christ, salted of course with love and restraint...and sometimes Freedom is messy.

But i just wanted to bless God in this "public square" for dear kinships carefully crafted in Jesus' love, neil

ps,,,and if there are any posters out there, who i've offended or they bear ill feeling towards me for a mis-spoke word, i beg you in the Love of God, please just PM me, and i will ask forgiveness in the blink of an eye, AND repent from such sin.

 2011/4/22 21:37

 Re: i want to bless God for the friends i've made ....RIGHT HERE

Maybe some of us just know you're really just a big teddy bear.

His Love to you as well and many Blessings from Above.

 2011/4/22 21:48

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Bless you dear brother. I love you dearly in Christ.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: i want to bless God for the friends i've made ....RIGHT HERE

I love you too Neil!

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 Re: i want to bless God for the friends i've made ....RIGHT HERE

God bless you, Neil. I am sure you are not the only one with this testimony. Somehow it is easy to tract a person's growth by their responses to issues as they are discussed, debated.

I am glad you stuck by it and did not run off when you got annoyed - which would be an easy thing to do when we find ourselves at odds with a topic.

Neil, I am glad you are is very insightful for this Gentile to hear the perspective of a Jew on certain issues. The body of Christ needs people of Jewish descent to share - you have a lot to teach us. Having said that I find people of different cultures fascinating because they teach me so much. Culture blinds a person to certain things and at the same time makes us very keen in other areas. Yes, we need each other - as iron sharpens iron.

Your testimony, Neil, is a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra Miller

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I too, have found friends here. I thank God for them. It is the "seeking hard after God" that draws me the most. Bless you...

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 Re: i want to bless God for the friends i've made ....RIGHT HERE


You have been a friend to me, in the Lord, full of the Holy Ghost.

Thank you for all your generosity and prayers.

 2011/4/23 19:51

 a Good Day

there he is, my brother Greg, much much love to you as well, God willing we will break bread together soon up on my ridge, as well as roasting the choice portions of the fattened calf, there is a bunk with your name on it,

plus Christiaan/Micaah isnt too far down the road from me, so maybe we can talk him into joining us, that would be a blessed time of fellowship.

to my dear "Heartsong" my love and may the Grace and Peace of God be with you always.

"Alive to God", precious sister, you are a dear dear friend, and when i was refering to those saints i had the PRIVLEDGE of fellowshipping with, you were on my heart, how you labor with love to apprehend Messiah...Jesus sees and knows your dear heart, and blessings to you for bearing with such an unseemly "colonial" as myself, i look forward to, God willing seeing you again.

much love to "mama", it was truly an honor to be allowed to pray for you.

Dear southern belle "GinnyRose", i wont go south of the Mason-Dixon line, you wont come north of it, what can i say? (i'm teasing)you are dear to me. If you could really know how untypical i am of an American Jew it would surprise you...more like an Israeli Jew...gunned up, blunt, and know how to grow food, and as one of my new favorite "anthems" is Josh Thompson's "Way Out Here" might make me sort of a yankee redneck. (look that up on youtube, i do believe you'll enjoy it.......its a great song.) God bless you Ginny, pray for the Bibles i buy to slip our Amish brethern up in Wisconsin...dont worry, i'll be very careful in Christ.

God bless you all, just even writing this thread reminded me, that of all the Chapters in Romans, the 16th Chapter has always been my favorite. Dont think for a second, i'm turning my back on the systematic theology of this Epistle, but as i see it, its Paul's love in the greetings in the 16th Chapter of Romans, that brings the Heavenly Reality in the previous 15 chapters to Glorious Life!

He is Risen!!!

 2011/4/23 21:44

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 Re: a Good Day

I would be honored my brother, and I am honored and humbled to be your friend.


 2011/4/23 22:26Profile

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