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Discussion Forum : General Topics : A New Wineskin?

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Arizona, USA

 Re: A New Wineskin?


You are on to something. Where, oh where, in the New Testament do we see anything like what passes for Christian worship today. I, too am struck with the dichotomy. How dare we say our present form of worship is anything like the NT. It has no resemblance.

You would enjoy [url=]Vernard Eller's writings[/url], especially 'Outward Bound: Caravaning as a Style of the Church'.

This is an age-old question that has not been answered to my satisfaction. Christian communities try hard but they aren't the answer. I don't know what it should 'look like' but nothing I see looks like Acts. With the exception of the persecuted house churches where it costs to be a Christian.

I'm weary of the speaker-audience mentality. The non-involvement of the people. This is not New Testament Christianity. And I don't know what IS.

Mrs. Fred

Mrs. Fred

 2004/12/9 0:53Profile

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