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 Evolution and Marriage...

I need some help all.

I need input before this Saturday on how the Theory of Evolution views marriage. Please be as academic as you can as well as posting your resources where you found your information. Whether it is those that supported the theory had something to say about marriage or the theory itself, I need info. Thank you very much for your help.

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 Re: Evolution and Marriage...


You may want to read the following article:

I hope this helps.
In Christ Jesus,

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 Re: Evolution and Marriage...

Answers in Genesis is likely to have some very good resources concerning marriage and the creation / evolution discussion.

Concerning how evolution views marriage, I can give you some observations about the consequences of the theory. If one were to follow evolutionary theory to its logical ends (I realize that statement makes absolutely no sense. If we evolved then we have no reason to believe that we can approach anything logically. Logical thought cannot "evolve".) But the end result of evolutionary theory would be to look at "mating behavior" of animals rather than "marriage" as all of us would be only more advanced animals. Thus evolution would allow monogamy, polygamy, or one time relationships over and over again as all of these things are present in the animal world. A consistent evolutionist would not see the need in marriage and would view it simply as a cultural ceremony invented by humans and as varied in scope and practice as the different human cultures.

Marriage only makes sense in light of creation by the God of the Bible as He is the one who taught us why He established the institution.

Just some thoughts


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 Re: Evolution and Marriage...

I watched an aging documentary in a first-year bio class that addressed this issue, and it is viewable online. It deals with the burden of theory faced by evolution in the explaining of human monogamy and community. The documentary contains nudity and, as such, I will not name it here; but here's the gist... (I'm no scientist, and will neither support nor tear down the idea. This theory is at least 20 years old and surely is more nuanced by now, if the scientific community still subscribes to it)...

Evolutionary theory suggests that marriage and (usually) monogamous couplings occur because, for some reason explained by other evolutionary traits, humanity thrives best in such a grouping. There are examples of monogamous life-pairings elsewhere in nature -- so humanity is not unique in this regard. The ceremonies, fashions, flirtatious behaviours, and cultural customs surrounding coupling, marriage, mating, and family have parallels in nature, though obviously not to the degree that humanity does. I think evolutionary theory would suggest (and 'suggest' is the key here... I've rarely met a scientist so militant and presumptuous as to call it fact...) that the divine imperative that humanity invokes - meaning that many cultures look to a god or gods who sanction or command marriage - has more often than anything else produced the lasting and stable relationships from which healthy offspring can be produced. In other words, people stay together with greater endurance when they think a god has told them to.

Put another way, human children, like the offspring of primates, thrive within protective and nurturing family units. The future of the species depends on the children thriving. The best odds for these family units developing is within committed and (usually) monogamous relationships -- though this is cultural. These units become "marriage" once filtered through cultural specificities, which includes religion.

At some point, we care less about the demands for survival, and marriage becomes a phenomenon of its own -- for continuance of culture, perhaps. It's arguable that the conditions for healthy growth and the successful passing on of genetic stuffs still occurs in marriage, though this is not unequivocal. Evolutionary theory, when approached with an open and inquisitive mind, is very complex and nuanced.

I have no academic sources to back this up, and I acknowledge that it is very simplistic. It doesn't take into account the challenges offered by cultures that don't value monogamy (tribal Africa, for instance), or how marriage-based family units may nurture unfit or sickly children to the detriment of the family -- threatening survival. Feminist theorists argue that marriage is an institution created by men to institutionalize the oppression of women, and evolution can support or argue this.

Perhaps I can be more helpful if you tell more about what you're looking for -- but keep in mind that I am a student of literature... not science. If you want, I can PM you the name of that documentary.


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Please by all means, give me the documentary.

All I am looking for is how would you explain marriage fidelity, divorce, and the emotional connections in marriage using evolution. I don't think many would say they agree with evolution if they saw the implications of what evolution does the ideals of marraige. And that is what I am looking for. The Impact if evolution is true.

Thanks for the help thus far.

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Check your PMs. I'll be curious to know what you discover/conclude.

I hope it goes well.

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I hope you come back and share your insights on this issue.

My gut sense is that evolution would destroy the concept of moral purity because it is a spiritual issue with physical consequences, something unknown in other life forms.

One time I was communicating with an atheist. She was at a loss to explain the origin of goodness, "someday the philosophers with figure that out!" She was adament that I do not mention the name 'Jesus'. So then, I went in a round about way asking questions that would prove the existence of God/Jesus. When it came to the point where there was no getting around it and I mentioned Jesus again, she got furious and cut me off. Now this was from a a girl who was raised in church who had a worldly father that encouraged her sensual living.

Please do come back and share with us the results of your encounter ....

Sandra Miller

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