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 the mystery of the generational curse....

Now and again the issue or "doctrine" comes across my desk in regard to the generational curse "movement" if you will...I am looking for others opinions on this.
my understanding has been that these are sin curses that expand across several generations and our need to deal with them, to break that chain of sin from continuing to our children(some bestting sin?)....It is my initial thought that all chains of sin are broken when giving our hearts to Christ, and nothing lingers--but I see an increase in "support" type groups that zero in on lingering generational curses....seems to be very popular with women in general...any comments? 8-)

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 Re: the mystery of the generational curse....

Try the Original Sin thread. It's a long thread but this topic was discussed fairly thoroughly towards the end of the thread. Start at the end and work your way backwards.

Ron Bailey

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