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 Commit by Bill McLeod

Ps. 37:5 says, "commit your way unto the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass." This verse has always meant a great deal to me. When we were married, the preacher exhorted us from this verse. He did not know then it was one of my favorite texts.

My experience in counselling and talking with people leads me to believe that few Christians know the relationship between "committing" and "trusting." Note that you cannot "trust" until you first of all "commit." Note also that when you do commit and trust, God moves into the picture and does the thing we are praying about.

Let us look at this matter of committing. The great explorer Simon Fraser said in his diary, as they launched out on the mighty river that now bears his name, "When once we were cast upon the bosom of that awful flood, there was no turning back." That was an excellent example of committal. In Acts 27:40 we read that they took up the anchors (they had cast four anchors out of the stern of the ship) and committed themselves unto the sea. This also helps me to understand the meaning of the word. It was total committal. There was no way of going back to where they had been before. The marginal reading says that they cut the anchors off and left them in the sea. There was really no way they could go back. While the record says that they committed themselves to the sea, they really had committed themselves unto God as the context shows.

In Genesis 29:2·8 we see how Potiphar committed everything he had to Joseph. This committal was so thorough that he did not even know how much he had. All he knew was how much bread there was on the table when he sat down to eat. This is a beautiful example of complete committal. When you take your hands off, THEN God puts His hands on the situation and He does what we cannot do. It is impossible however to really trust the Lord UNTIL we have made this kind of committal. As long as I refuse to let the matter go, and try to get the Lord involved without taking my hands completely off, I will never see the power of God at work. As long as I am still holding on I cannot really trust the Lord because I am really, to some extent, really trusting myself. Commit the matter entirely to the Lord and then take your hands completely off. This is the meaning of committal.

Once you have really committed a matter to God, THEN begin to trust Him to work it all out. Abraham and Sarah began to interfere with the work of God because they thought He was too slow. They were guilty of taking their committal back again and the result was Hagar and Ishmael with trouble throughout the centuries being the result.

Note now Proverbs 3:5,6 – "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall bring it to pass." In this Scripture and also in the one in Psalms 37:5 the promise is that God "shall" bring it to pass. Once we have committed then we can trust that God does the very thing we are asking Him to do

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