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 Campbell Morgan

Just read it, loved it, and wanted to share it...

[b]These two words, holiness and righteousness, mark two aspects of one condition. Holiness has to do with character; righteousness with conduct. They cannot possibly be separated from each other. They are as 'intimately related as are root and fruit. There can be no fruit unless there be a root. If there be living root it must issue in fruit. There can be no righteousness unless there is holiness; holiness must issue in righteousness. Holiness describes being; righteousness describes doing. Let us, then, consider this subject of holiness according to New Testament teaching. It is a very remarkable fact that thousands of the saints of God are a little afraid of the word "holiness." I believe a great many Christian people keep away from all sorts of conventions and conferences because of this fear. It is not very long since a very dear friend of mine, a Christian man, said to me, You know, I don't believe in holiness. I told him how very sorry I was to hear it, because the Bible says that without holiness no man can see the Lord, Of course, he did not mean quite what he said. I have quoted it only to indicate the attitude toward this great word, and this great subject, which is alarmingly prevalent in the Christian Church. I recognize the reason of this fear. A great many unholy things have been said and done by those who perhaps have been loudest in their attempt to explain, and in their claim to the experience of holiness.[/b]

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 Re: Campbell Morgan

splendid stuff Ron, if you who are reading wonder who G. Campbell Morgan is here are some pictures and a short bio:


well I couldn't find a short bio but there is a book on his life here:

[b]G. Campbell Morgan - Bible Teacher [/b]
G. Campbell Morgan - Bible Teacher by Harold Murray. This biography tells the story of one of the greatest Bible teachers of all time. A Congregationalist minister, Morgan pastored many churches including Westminster Chapel in London. His prolific output of sermons and commentaries is still loved and used daily across the world. 145 pages. ISBN#: 1-840300-46-9

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