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 how do I ...

Hello, I was wondering if you can help me with downloading sermons. The computer I am using is own that my school has loaned out to me, but because of their security system, I can not seem to successfully save the audio files to any music player. Do you have any suggestions that can help me?

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 Re: how do I ...

It sounds like the have disabled your download capabilities. If so, I would suggest to not break their rules and download the files.

Other then that, you could go ask your school if they could unlock the feature...



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Thank you for that suggestion friend.

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 Re: how do I ...

Looking at

7 Arguments Atheists Can't Use by Eli Brayley

I sent it to Mr. S an atheist (wouldn't let me give his full name or email)

This was his response would you pray for him

v' (and) attach it if it's o.k.

1. The guy admits already he rejects science, and doesn't believe in
the notion of evolution. The idea that somehow because Christians in
some cases believe in "theistic" evolution as proof of god is severely

2. Nobody I know says that because evil exists, god doesn't, and I've
never heard anyone say the existence of evil disproves god. What we
say is the allowance of severe evil shows the god of believers shows
the god of believers to be a capricious, awful, indifferent being
unworthy of belief.

3. Nobody has offered ANY proof of supernatural miracles. Words don't
count as evidence in ANYTHING! No court just accepts testimony as
reason for convicting something, there always has to be tangible

4. Again, this is an argument no atheist has ever made as to why god
doesn't exist. This is fighting a strawman. Lots of things are
crutches for people, it doesn't prove or disprove god.

5. Religious crimes are simply evidence that those who claim to be
morally superior to atheists because they believe in supernatural
beings are really not.

6. The existence of time is based on the speed of light and light's
movement, it's actually a pretty simple concept to understand if you
don't do stupid shit like deny the existence of evolution.

7. No atheist says they don't want there to be a god. Atheism is a
rejection of the existence of a supernatural controlling being.

This whole e-mail was clearly created by someone with extreme
ignorance, and was easily dispensed with by a 28 year old who within
the past hour had the equivalent of eight drinks. If someone who's
drunk can defeat this idiot, imagine how someone sober like Richard
Dawkins or Sam Harris could do with it. All these points were pure
idiocy and in a debate if someone were to argue them, they'd lose to
even the most mediocre educated non-believer, let alone someone who
actually knows anything.

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