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 Conditions in the Church by Richard Sipley

Are conditions in the church too far gone to expect revival today?

God says in Romans 5:20, "where sin increased, grace was in greater abundance." The conditions described by God in II Chronicles 7:12-14 are completely negative, with God's people under His judgment. Yet those very circumstances are the setting for God's brightest promises of attention, forgiveness and healing! The prayer of Habakkuk (Habakkuk 3:2), in which he pleads for REVIVAL, is made in the very setting of God's wrath.

Even a surface reading of the book of Judges will show that at the times of Israel's greatest backslidings, God brought His greatest revivals, because the need was greatest.

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost with all the attendant blessings came in the setting of Israel's greatest sin, when she had rejected and crucified her King and Saviour.

All through the history of the church her times of most powerful revival have come when she was the most backslidden and powerless.

I have no doubt this is why God is sending revival in our day. The question pre-supposed that revival tarries. Such is not the case! God is already at work in powerful revival in many churches both on the American continent and around the world!

Many have thought that true revival would change the whole church suddenly and dramatically. Such has never been the case. The Wesleyan revival covered a period of fifty years, in which it slowly expanded until it produced a powerful, living church that even changed the history of nations. It never did revitalize some of the existing church structure of that day, nor will it be different in our day.

Both scripture and history proclaim that no church is too far gone for God to revive. If His people will humble themselves, pray, seek His face and turn from their wicked ways.

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 Re: Conditions in the Church by Richard Sipley

The writer uses the church to make the point below,however he uses the old testement and Israel to make his point about backsliding and revival.If he had used Israel as reference for revival as it relates to the whole body of believers then we would see that it was sudden and dramatic and encompassed all.You cant have your cake and eat it.You shouldnt use the Israel to advance one viewpoint and ignore Israel when dealing with another aspect of the viewpoint because it doesnt fit that aspect.
Revival to Israel was sudden and dramatic and entire.
(Many have thought that true revival would change the whole church suddenly and dramatically. Such has never been the case.)
We welcome any revival small or great and praise him for them but lets be frank revival to the whole Church can happen but it hasnt.We can delude ourselves into thinking everything is the way it should be if we want.
My view is their will be a world wide revival and you cant revive something that hasnt been alive in the first place,
Revival isnt people being saved or the Holy Spirit being outpoured,this is the result of revival.Revival is humbling,praying,seeking and turning,
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