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I have personally seen the effects of an non-anointed preacher. There is no doubt that a spirit spoke through that man, but I am quite sure that it was not the Holy Spirit. Additionally, when he was angry at me, spirits would come and visit me in the night - and again, I am most certain that it was not the Holy Spirit. And to make matters worse, evil spirits attach themselves to some that I know that feed upon his sermons - and unfortunately, they also come into my house and create havoc. There is a verse in the Bible that talks of this - but I do not recall what it is at the moment. If the LORD rises it to the surface, I will post it.

 2011/4/25 3:34Profile


Heartsong, what you're talking about is worse than just "not being annoited" and surely not what Oracio's posts were about with the Scriptures he used.

Are you saying this problem in your home is present-tense? Your sentence is written in the present tense. What type of "havoc" is being caused?
How do these "evil spirits" manifest, that you say have attached themselves to those who "feed upon his sermons"?

Sincere questions.

 2011/4/25 4:24

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