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 Missionaries Attacked, Arrested Just Before Gift Distribution

Prayer request from GFA just arrived in my email.

Missionaries Attacked, Arrested Just Before Gift Distribution

March 29, 2011
Christmas gift distribution events are usually joyous occasions. But on March 28, seven Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries were attacked and severely beaten as they were trying to help people just like these.

Seven Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries were robbed, beaten and arrested March 28 as they were preparing for a Christmas gift distribution event in South Asia. Normally these ceremonies are joyous occasions where missionaries distribute gifts purchased from the Gospel for Asia Christmas catalog by people around the world. The events are usually celebrations that include traditional singing, dancing, speeches by local dignitaries and a presentation of the Gospel. Then the gifts—which range from blankets and sewing machines to pigs and water buffalo—are given to individuals and families in desperate need.

Before the event started, a mob of about 50 people descended on the scene to rob and brutally attack the missionaries. They took their money, their cell phones and then ripped their Bibles to shreds. They singled out one missionary and shaved his head, which is a sign of shame in their culture. They also damaged a vehicle that belongs to the ministry in that area.

Then the mob forced the beaten and bloodied missionaries to the local police station and tried to file a case against them, saying the missionaries were forcing people to convert to Christianity.

The seven missionaries remained in police custody until later that evening, at which time they were released. The men are now being treated for their injuries. The Christmas gift distribution event has been rescheduled. The missionaries involved in the incident shared the following prayer requests:

Pray for healing of their wounds
Pray that none of the missionaries will be charged with a crime.
Ask the Lord to embolden GFA workers with more courage and that the persecution they faced will help them do more for the Lord.
Pray that the Christmas gift distribution will be rescheduled quickly.
Ask the Lord to reveal Himself to the mob that attacked the missionaries and that they will choose to follow Jesus.

Find out more about persecution in South Asia.

(I have a photo of Samuel and his wife as my wall paper to remind me to pray and to pray for others around the world. I know they appreciate every prayer that goes up on their behalf and will let us know some day. All glory to God!)

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 Re: Missionaries Attacked, Arrested Just Before Gift Distribution

I just told a sister that I couldn't post today because I have a migraine, can't think, see well and am exhausted but then I read this and my problems seems like a tiny splinter compared to what these blessed Missionaries have been through. I had to post because the tears just welled up in my eyes enough to break any silence.
Again we need to just close our eyes and picture ourselves in their place.
Sis you have said this so accurately here - Thank you!-

*I know they appreciate every prayer that goes up on their behalf and will let us know some day. All glory to God!*

Amen, and Amen.

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Thanks JIG. We need to have our hearts broken for what some of these are going through so we will pray for them. Thank you for your tender heart and prayers. Here is a testimony why we need to pray for the persecutors. This also came in my email.

Worshiping Where He Once Wreaked Havoc

March 29, 2011
Haroon led a destructive mob, similar to this one, against Christians.

Haroon damaged this church, where he now worships.

The believers in Haroon's village had the joy of seeing their church and many of their houses rebuilt, and they also witnessed the transformation of some of their former persecutors.

In 2008, believers in Orissa, India, suffered intense persecution at the hands of anti-Christian extremists. They destroyed Christians' homes and burned churches to the ground. They went so far as to beat, rape, burn and murder believers.

Haroon Das helped lead this brutality against Christians. When the riots against believers in Orissa began, he traveled throughout his district to stir up violence.

On August 27, 2008, Haroon returned to his home village. He led a mob that damaged the church building of a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary. Haroon was one of the extremists who shattered the windows, broke the cross on top of the building and set fire to the contents of the building.

The riots subsided, but Haroon himself began experiencing a problem. One of his legs became weak and caused him great pain. Eventually, one side of his body was completely paralyzed.

With all his physical strength evaporated, Haroon's normal daily life came to a halt. He didn't understand why this happened.

He went to doctors and spent lots of money on medical treatment, but he remained paralyzed.

Someone was brave enough to tell Haroon that when Christians pray, a person can receive healing from any kind of sickness. He thought about going to church, but then talked himself out of it.

"I have persecuted these people very badly, and if I go to them, how can they pray for me?" he asked himself.

Haroon finally mustered up the courage to go.

He showed up at a prayer meeting on a Tuesday night. He was shocked when the believers happily joined in prayer for him—the man who destroyed their church! Haroon brought his whole family—his wife, two children and his mother—to church the following Sunday.

When the worship service ended, the pastor, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Bhajan Sen, led the whole congregation in prayer for Haroon's physical ailments.

Haroon and his family continued coming to church functions, and after some time, God completely healed him! Thankful and repentant, he confessed that the Lord had done this miracle. Haroon and his family decided to give their lives to Jesus.

Although he is facing opposition from his older brother and from some of the other villagers, Haroon refuses to turn his back on Christ. His brother is threatening to cut him off from the rest of the family, but Haroon says he will stand firm in his relationship with Jesus regardless of the consequences.

Like the people of Israel in Ezekiel's day, Haroon was called by the God who says, "As I live…I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live. Turn, turn from your evil ways!" (Ezekiel 33:11 NKJV) By the mercy of Christ, Haroon no longer harasses the Lord's people. Instead, he joins with them in worshiping his Savior.

(the love of God in us is powerful-Hallelujah)

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