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You ask a good question:

But why is the booklet by Culpepper not made available for free especially since it does not have a copy right.

Books have value like anything else, regardless of the content. However, since there is not copyright, this means that it can be reproduced, but that is not a free process. Someone has to pay for the printing, production and distribution, not to mention the time people put into reproducing it. If you have the time, you could type out the book by hand and reproduce it for folks, post it on a blog. It would be a service. I don't have the time, right now, personally.

But you should also get the author's permission. In this case, Dr. Culpepper has been dead over 25 years. But he has a living daughter, and grandchildren. I've spoken with his daughter (now 85 years old) about viewing his personal papers related to the revival. She is a sweet lady. His daughter and son (when he was living) self-published this work along with his autobiography and sold it for $5. You may still be able to obtain this. Contact Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary's bookstore for details.

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Thank you, brother.
That is a great help.


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