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 SAFE FROM JUDGMENT by David Wilkerson

MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011

The blood of Christ cleanses from all sin—it is our atonement. But first of all, it is our security. It is God's way of securing to himself a people ready for a full deliverance. Remember, on the night of the Passover the Israelites were safe but not yet delivered. They still had to face a Red Sea, a wilderness, warfare with giants, imposing walls, and enemy strongholds.

I am convinced that before I can do battle against principalities and powers, before I can resist lust and temptation (our modern giants), I must have the knowledge that under the blood I am secure! Though I am not yet fully delivered, I am out of judgment. The fleshly enemies loom ahead, but the blood has made me a safe soldier.

You cannot fight giants, pull down strongholds, or stand against overwhelming odds unless there is an assurance of absolute security under the blood. No matter what my heart says, no matter how guilty or condemned I feel, no matter what whispering voices I hear, I must know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that I am safe! I am not going to judgment, because the blood on the door of my heart secures me in his sight.

We are always questioning our safety. If God based our security on our love for him or on personal goodness, we would be in more danger than those who broke the Law, for under grace there is a higher claim. God must take security out of our hands so that it stands on his pure mercy and grace alone. Not our devotion, our obedience, or our goodness—but only on his mercy. Obedience and devotion are the results of our love for Christ.

It was not the unleavened bread that saved the children of Israel, but the blood. Not one Israelite moved "in and out" of safety because of some personal fault. They were all safe until judgment had passed. Obedience was to apply the blood to the doorpost. We are called to confess and trust Christ’s redeeming blood.

God never intended for his children to live in fear, with anxiety or guilt. He prepared a rest for them, the perfect, absolute security of the blood of his own dear Son. By his gracious act, God was saying to Israel, "Now that you see I have secured you and removed you from fear of judgment, let Me deliver you bodily. I secured you to make you holy."

The inalterable fact is, not one thing can be added to Christ’s blood to make us more secure! The blood perfectly shelters us, makes us acceptable to God, and saves us from wrath. The apostle Paul states, “Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him” (Romans 5:9)

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 Re: SAFE FROM JUDGMENT by David Wilkerson

"The inalterable fact is, not one thing can be added to Christ’s blood to make us more secure! The blood perfectly shelters us, makes us acceptable to God, and saves us from wrath. The apostle Paul states, “Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him” (Romans 5:9)"

Oversimplified. If he is talking in terms of eternal salvation from the horrors of hell I agree. But what he said does not apply to living in this world. This is the reason there is raging sin in the church. That is because all the church wants to talk about is "mercy and grace". This is why the statistics (divorce, alcoholism, etc.) in the church are not better than in the world.

I can think of many versus that do in fact say the Lord will bring us into judgment and God does get mad at His children and God even punishes His children. Does it mean they are going to hell? No, He is working His purpose and sometimes has to take drastic measures with hard core cases.

Just a few versus off the top of my head:

"For which things sake cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience"

"There is therefore now no condemnation to those who walk NOT ACCORDING TO THE FLESH but according to the spirit"

And the other verse in Romans 8 talking about how those who persist in the flesh and refuse to mortify their Earthly carnal desires will die. They will physically die earlier than living a full life.

I'm sick of this bull$hit "mercy and grace only" teaching in the church. It doesn't matter if it is big church of home groups. Certainly the main message of Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father was the mercy and grace He was offering to us through salvation in the blood of Jesus Christ. But the message of church is, after you get saved, God wont mind of you watch a little porn, commit a little adultery, divorce your wife, get drunk, party down, gossip, etc. There's no condemnation brother! Well, yea, kinda, sorta, maybe. The Lord plainly says in the old and new testament that maybe types of behvior will bring you into judgment HERE WHILE ON THIS EARTH!!! The church has forgotten that part of the gospel. They only want the mercy and grace part. At the very least church fathers and leaders could warn young Christians that they are headed for judgment if they continue in their sin. I can't belive the rampant sexual stuff going on in our youth groups and nobody ever says didly squat to them. Girls get pregnant and have abortions and nobody ever finds out about it. OK, I'll quit for now.

 2011/3/15 12:18


Dear Brother Endzone,

I respectfully and lovingly suggest that you might not be very familiar with David Wilkerson's ministry. He definitely does not preach and teach "mercy and grace only". There are many of his sermons available on SI, if you are interested in knowing more about his ministry and what he really preaches. This is only one short daily devotional teaching sent via email to those of us who have signed up to receive them.

A sister in Christ,

 2011/3/15 13:08

 Re: SAFE FROM JUDGMENT by David Wilkerson

Endzone, I'd recommend you go to the Homepage and see and then listen to the Featured Sermon at the top of the page. You can't miss it, as David's picture will be looking right at you.

I've never seen anyone so worried about too much mercy and grace and cuss in the same appeal. You're talking to Sisters and should clean up your language - at the least for our sake.

With our prayers for you.

 2011/3/15 16:03

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