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 Report(thoughts) from Pastor Billy Graham's crusade-Friday night

Let me start this report off by praising God for His great mercy in the fact that somewhere between 5,000 to 10,000 precious souls walked from darkness into light and made a public confession of Faith and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to tabernacle in their hearts.

Thats the BIG NEWS.

I had some thoughts and reflections I want to share with the saints in this cyber community.

I learned a lot of things last night and I want to share; My dear friend Pastor Ted, hired a bus so the saints and sinners could pray and fellowship on the way to the Rose Bowl. My nine year old son decided to come with to be with a few of his buddies.

I said in the rear of the bus and right before we left, three young college lasses,foreign exchange students whom I've never seen before boarded the bus, two of them sat with me, Laila, a French girl of Algerian descent, and Barbara, a Dutch girl. I asked them if they were believers and they smiled sheepishly. I told them the Lord was gonna change that. I didnt want to do a full press witness, so I let it go at that. The Algerian girl told me her parents were Muslim, and I proceded to act out a next day phone call home .....(lol) to wit.

Laila:(in French) Mom...Dad....I got something to tell, no...I'm okay......everythings okay.....ummmmm.....I went to the Billy Graham crusade last night..............Billy Graham, the noted American evangelist..........Christian......yes, he's a Christian evangelist.......well, anyway......ummmmmm.........I asked Jesus into my life last night..............Mom? Dad?....are you there?.......

I started to laugh, and she laughed with me.....

the night was young.

We arrived there, many many people, the hungry humble sheep of the Lord were there to listen eagerily!

The protestors were there too......I vowed that once we seated as a church, I was going to come back and query them. They had signs indicating that "Graham leads to Hell!"

So many people were there Friday.....maybe 60,000.

I went back out the gates clutching my Zondervan NIV Study Bible with its black bonded leather cover and walked up to one of the men holding a sign, and asked , "so why do you say Pastor Graham is leading these to hell"?

To make a long boring turgid story short, their complaint is according to them, Pastor Graham says that those who worship within the roman church can still be saved, and still be faithful to Jesus. This man basically said that anyone WITHIN a denomination is hell bound. I said nothing, just listened. I looked over and saw their leader talking to another person....behind this leader was his family, a middle -aged wife sitting in a folding lawn chair, and three thin teenage girls with stringy brown hair......these girls looked........defeated and downcast, like they wanted to be anywhere but outside, yet another crusade. This group follows Billy Graham, Greg Laurie...any noted public evangelist and just DOGS their witness. These girls looked, (I'm searching for the word...) they looked wounded.

This was my impression of this group, something in my spirit told me that this family was entirely dysfunctional, hurt and living a hellish existence. I later shared this impression with Pastor Ted, and we agreed that when a witness of a group is weird or heretical or cultish......all you have to do is to look deeper at the family unit , and you will uncover some dark sin issues lurking.

Anyway, I began to interrogate this man on his groups stand on capital punishment and this dreadful sin soaked war in Iraq, he indicated he was "for both", and at that point I knew no further fruitful dialogue was possible.

So, I bought the boys some pretzels and churros, and went back in....just in time to hear dear Dr. Graham speak........Oh, I really love that man. I had never heard him speak before.

In Fact I must confess that I mistakenly put him in with a group of preachers, that in my opinion are not slaves of Jesus, but harlots of the republican party.....I was wrong ....Pastor Graham's preaching was simple loving and adorned with the sweet love of the Holy Spirit. He was just like a beloved grandfather asking you to recieve all the good that God has in store for you. His gaze out into the audience was unflinching and stoic. He gave the altar call, and people began to come down....then he had the choir sing a verse or two more....and he told the people , that they may never have this chance again, and to please take it........

The exchange students were sitting about 20 rows down from us, and I had been praying for them.......please Lord open their eyes, soften their hearts, save them, have mercy on them........

the dutch girl Barbara had straw colored blond hair, and all of a sudden I saw her stand, then Laila, then the other girl and they walked onto the field, and got gloriously saved. I started silently weeping with joy. I had been praying for them the moment I met them, and tonight it was a clean sweep for God. Oh bless Jesus.

As I sat there, my prayers were reflected to those outside the Rose Bowl, the protestors, so hideously bound by the devil, so hideously bound by their hate and confusion. As I type this now I pray for them. Last night during the altar call, one of their group, started screaming at Pastor Graham. At first, we, way up in the stands thought it was someone with a word, or a prophetic utterance...but then the cops came in and removed this poor confused soul. Pastor Graham didnt even flinch, he indicated that this has happened before, that God is sovereign and is working something out in this person's life.......

I discovered how the enemy works, as we left a stadium where 10,000 embraced God,...outside this stadium were a MULTITUDE of folks handing out fliers for every apostate anti-christ group or "church" you could ever shake a stick at......its was truly unbelievable! But Jesus says He will not let one out of His hand!!


God had the victory at the Pasadena Rose Bowl on Friday night!! please pray that the glory continue........

Please pray for revival.

 2004/11/20 19:02

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West Virginia

 Re: Report(thoughts) from Pastor Billy Graham's crusade-Friday night

I enjoyed your thoughts and reflections on the crusade.I am 48 years old and I listened to Billy Graham when I was a child.I grew up on a farm in West Virginia and we only had 3 channels on the TV.I would go next door to my grandparents and would watch Billy Graham and Oral Roberts with my grandparents along with other Tv ministries.I suppose at the time,I watched and listened just for something to do,but as I look back God dealt with my young heart as I heard about the plan of salvation, although I did not accept Jesus as my savior until I was 21.
My favorite part was listening to "Just as I Am" being sung at the invitation and watching all the people walk down to make a public confession.I didn't understand all what was being said at the time, but know that God was planting seeds into my "young soft heart."
Now, I must confess , that through the years pain and failures have caused this heart to be hardened and the seed that God tries to plant takes so much longer to "take root" and grow. This past Sunday I re-dedicated my life to the Lord.Friends, pray for me as God "softens this old hard heart".

 2004/11/22 21:28Profile

 Praise God!!

Dear sister!

Bless the Name of Jesus that you have walked back into His arms, back into His loving embrace.

Isnt' Jesus wonderful. This post just made my day, I will be praying for you, that the roots of faith in Christ take hold and that you become a marvelous trophy of Grace, a beacon of Jesus' love in an ever darkening world.

Oh lets us give all the glory to God!!


 2004/11/22 23:10

Joined: 2004/6/10
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 Re: Report(thoughts) from Pastor Billy Graham's crusade-Friday night

I know exactly who that was that you were talking to. He is an interesting fellow indeed and I see him pop up from time to time. His name is darwin fish and his church has a website at [url=]Http://[/url] I have spent hours on the phone with the guy and basically he believes that anyone who considers someone who considers someone who isnt saved as saved is going to hell and is a false teacher. He also believes that any church that has teachings that do not perfectly line up with the scriptures, such as denominations are false hellbound churches. Out of all people on this planet, my sympathy goes out the most to this man, because the church failed so horribly that He did not recieve the proper training in righteousness that he should have. But he is a false teacher and a follower of law instead of love. I have tried to reach out to him many times, but he is determined and set in his ways.

All to and for Him,


John C. Kelly

 2004/11/23 22:35Profile

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Arizona, USA


Thank you Neil for posting! That is super those ladies went forward! My husband figures the little revival we were part of in Colorado in the '80s had its beginning with a Graham crusade.

Right alongside any move of God is (what I call) the spirit of a cult. This spirit manifests in one 'lone wolf' man or woman with no accountability, spouting rage and control in the name of God. Groups of Christians seeking holiness and a separate life often fall prey to this spirit. Once it gets ahold of someone in leadership, many devious and sick things take place, on an ever-increasing level. It is not content to stay on one bitter topic, but begins to warp everything into an 'us-them' mentality. The central themes are very predictable: authority, control, Old Testament verses taken out of context, a complete disregard for what Christ actually did and said. Note especially the total lack of humility, brokenness and brotherly kindness.

Run, run, run the other way. It's more dangerous than you think to try and straighten them out. They don't WANT straightened out, they're demon-possessed and they want to devour YOU and your loved ones.

Mrs. Fred

Mrs. Fred

 2004/11/24 12:13Profile

 Mrs Fred

First of all, Happy Thankgiving...this is my favorite holiday as we all have so much to be thankful for in Jesus Christ......color me a fool!! hahhahahha

its so neat, I just read that mini-testimony of yours of the revival past in Colorado, and I wanted to ask ...what happened? please please please, put on your Holy Ghost writers hat, and may we trouble you for an account of this move of God?

start another thread.....or put it here...I always check the lounge first.

I'm smiling from ear to ear, isn't Jesus wonderful?

God bless you and may tommorrow be a blessed time of family and love.

In Him, Neil

 2004/11/24 12:27

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 Re: Mrs Fred

I know 3rd Day and other bands played that crusade; how were they?

 2004/11/24 13:25Profile

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San Pedro, California

 Re: Report(thoughts) from Pastor Billy Graham's crusade-Friday night

I attended the Graham crusade on Thursday night and Sunday night. I also was immensely blessed! Rev. Graham has displayed so much integrity for so many years! I was impressed by his simple, straightforward message. He was not trying to sugar-coat the gospel. He just told it how it was and the Holy Spirit did the rest. Sunday night was, I think, the biggest night (the entire stadium was full) and that night he preached out of the story of Sodom and Gommorrah and spoke at length about God's judgement and backsliding (Lot's wife turning back). I wanted to jump up and shout "Preach it Billy!!!" I was so proud of him for not being afraid to preach the WHOLE gospel--God's wrath AND God's love.

I was a counselor too, so I never did get to see how many went onto the field because I was in the middle of those on the field! I'm glad it was so many. I don't know if everyone knows what an elaborate system is put into place for follow-up months and even years before the crusade ever happens. Our church is involved in follow-up, so please pray for us.

Every time I go to a Harvest Crusade I see those same protesters. I am saddened that they cannot climb out of the little narrow point of view they've put themselves in long enough to see what a great thing God has done. I don't know how anyone who loves Jesus could disagree with the crusade. It just sent shivers of joy all over me to walk into that stadium and see thousands upon thousands of people worshipping Christ and responding to the simple, pure gospel of Jesus our Lord!!



 2004/11/24 18:03Profile

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All this talk of Billy Graham brings to mind one of his quotes that has grown on me. "Mass crusades, to which I have commited my life, will never finish the job; but one to one will. As I have read how he addressed the unsaved this past weekend, I think this might be how he would address us. Lets face it when a man who "commited" his life to mass crusading tells of a shortcoming i think we his fellow brothers and sisters should heed the call and start our own "one to one" work. And as i go I would leave another quote to help us all in our doubt of our own ministering, "Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; proffesionals built the Titanic." -unknown

phill heaviside

 2004/11/25 22:26Profile

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I do pray that a man of God will take the place of Billy Graham when we goes on to glory with the Lord. When God shows up at these crusades, Satan always manifests himself in opposing demonic groups of darkness show up too. We have to expect this when God's light shine into the hearts of men through men of God like Graham and others.


a Jesus freak

 2004/11/25 23:24Profile

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