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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : John Mulinde's prophetic message at IHOP 3/1/11

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UntoBabes said:

I don't know how to convert a video sermon to an audio sermon so others who have no access to you tube can listen to it. Does any one know how to do that.

There is a piece of free software for Windows that does this. It works with Windows XP, Vista and 7. Here is the link:

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 Re: John Mulinde's prophetic message at IHOP 3/1/11

Well, I was up until 4 this morning and had to listen twice.
I know that if I were on any other forum, they would be waiting for me to put this whole thing down. Other forums knew how I didn't want a section of any forum to be for "dreams & visions" and the such ... but this message - it's hard to find the words for.

King David prayed - If there be any way in me, show me.
Basically, he was asking GOD to show him Anything that he wasn't even aware of.
Years ago, I took that from David and asked The LORD the same. I went to sleep that night and had two dreams about 'me' - of things that I wasn't aware that I was doing. And I'm one that seldom if ever remembers their dreams, unless they're from Him or the enemy. Our LORD was merciful to answer that prayer request that same night that I prayed that Psalm and yes - there are parts of ourselves that we can be blinded to, for one reason or another. "The intents of the heart" for one and any "manipulative tendencies" or "split second thoughts" that are against Love - just to mention a few. Some people have natural charm and have used it all of their lives and bring it with them into their walks with others, even after being saved. There's so much about ourselves that we're not aware of.
Only when standing in His Actual Presence - when in that Brightness that is His Complete Holiness, can one see the corners of our hearts and minds that any lesser light does not show. Just as if you go from one 60 watt bulb in your room to flood lights. Every speck of dust is visible for the first time. Isaiah and so many others testify of this.

I don't believe that this Brother meant that he wasn't saved before this experience - but there is that group mentioned in Rev 20 that are sort of exceptional (Overcomers) because they are the only ones mentioned that will rule and reign with Him 1000 yrs. Rev 20:4-6. The others will be here for the millenial reign in natural bodies and tested again at the end of those 1000 yrs when Satan is loosed --- if you read on through the rest of Rev 20, Reading it literally and not spiritualizing it.

Only one woman at the end upset me with her loudness, though it wasn't her volume but the spirit behind it -- other than that - to me this was a rare but genuine experience that this man had.
With it - the LORD spoke to my heart as well. I needed to be convicted of the fear of man and well - I realize that HE desires this revelation of John Mulinde to be an on-going work with me personally.
The message to The Church towards the end of this message should Not be missed ... that's the Main thing.

 2011/3/22 13:19


Jesus-is-God wrote, "but this message - it's hard to find the words for."

I agree. I've always had the conviction in my heart that God is much more concerned about my "inner man", than He is about the outward appearance that I project to other people. Sometimes, it's hard for us to be "real", but when were standing in the holy presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, there's no other way we can be. There's nothing hid from our Lord. That's very humbling to me, but also encouraging at the same time. Jesus loves us enough to tell us the truth if there is something in us or in our lives that shouldn't be, for our own good. I suppose that is why this message stricks such a cord with me. :)

 2011/3/22 15:52

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Jesus-is -God
I appreciate the words of truth you have posted.I pray the Lord will search my heart and see if there be a wicked way in me, and reveal with His holy light the secret sins that are hidden in my heart that I may ask for forgivness and repent and be cleansed with the blood of the Lord Jesus that His life may indwell this earthen vessel.

May He grant His church the humility to live by this rule.

God bless you for this link.
That is a great help.


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This was a message that I will be coming back to again, and again.

I woke up this morning and while I was driving to work I confessed my dryness and asked the Lord for help. He promised 'rivers of living water', after listening to this and crying my eyes out at work the Lord once again restored brokenness to my life, like he does every time that I recognize that I am dry. He's so wonderful! Less of me, more of Him!

THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!! I needed this more than anything!

God bless all of you with the brokenness of the Spirit!

In Christ,
Earl J

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UntoBabes said: Quote: I don't know how to convert a video sermon to an audio sermon so others who have no access to you tube can listen to it. Does any one know how to do that. There is a piece of free software for Windows that does this. It works with Windows XP, Vista and 7. Here is the link:

You can also go to if you prefer not to download anything.

J-I-G When I had dialup I would use this. It took a while some times, but was worth it usually.


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 Re: John Mulinde's prophetic message at IHOP 3/1/11

This message is so powerful, how can we sit still until we have heard from the Lord whether or not our ways are right before Him?

O Lord please tell us what YOU feel about our ways, do NOT let us carry on until You have stopped us, told us, convicted us and made us change our ways to YOUR ways. Lord, we do NOT want to be rejected by You! And You would have every right to do so.
You are the Lord, You are Holy and we are BLIND to our ways. Help us Lord to SEE WHAT YOU SEE in our hearts!

The above was posted on another forum; that is the kind of response that I think the Lord is looking for.

This kind of reminds me of another thread:

Terrifying Dream:

I just want to love Him...with all of my heart!


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 Re: John Mulinde's message 3/1/11

John Mulinde's message 3/1/11

Watch it all, but especially pay attention to the last 20 minutes. The day of the Lord approaches, are we ready?

Listening again to this this morning.

I truly feel the need for The Church to reckon that there are things in our lives that we are not aware of.

Motives of the heart, true feelings that we hide by the way we cover them over with our communications, lusts that we hide even from ourselves, the way we spend whatever time we have left on earth, how we use our intellects to discern GOD's WORD rather than become as little children at His feet by His Spirit of Truth to lead us into all truth and to trust Him Alone to "even show us things to come.".
Trusting in man more than His Spirit to help us - whether it be for earthly needs, comfort, friendship, companionship, provisions and spiritual insights.
Not seeing our own spiritual pride and lack of faith and fear of man and fear of the future.
Putting family and friends above Him. Becoming like camelions, depending on 'who' we're with at the time.
Not preaching the whole counsel of GOD for fear of losing an audience or the kind feelings of others toward us, ourselves.
Not having a burden for the lost and suffering world wide.
Reading other's works more than diligently studying His Word.
Making sure we have all the creature comforts that we feel we need rather than giving to the poor or to the propagation of the Gospel of Christ.
Spending more at the hair dressers or nail salon than we do feeding the hungry.
Not loving others as ourselves.
Not being a Slave for Christ - losing our own wills completely into His Hands.
Getting angry when we can't have our own way - either with family members or any other sources under the sun.
Being spiritually lazy.
Forgetting that even our LORD Jesus Christ fasted !
Not taking full control and awareness of Every thought captive unto the obedience of Christ. Not listening for the Still small voice of His Spirit for direction on a daily basis.
Judging our own spiritual walks by comparing ourselves to "worse sinners" or more carnal Christians than ourselves.
Not seeking Him with All of our heart, mind, soul and strength.
Not giving heed to His Love for the World.
Focusing mainly on our own country and so little on all the others around the globe. Not praying for them. Not even thinking to fast for them, or for Missionaries and our Brethren everywhere that are suffering right now.
Spending countless hours on our cloths, maintaining our looks, caring for our own bodies, what we shall eat or drink.
Not reaching out to our neighbors.
Putting off for another day, those things that we know He's trying to get us to care about.

Anyone of us can add to our list.

We Need so desperately to hear a true message of repentence and a crucified life.

We've been comforted long enough.

Faith is an action word. Hebrews 11

 2011/3/25 15:08

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 Re: John Mulinde's message

I watched it last night; it was a sobering message to search your heart and ask---do I really know God, have I truly died to self, given up everything that is not of God or do I still hold on to something that would keep me from the Kingdom of heaven.

Everyone who professes Jesus as Savior needs to see this, even if you, like this man, believe your walk is perfect. Test it and see.

 2011/3/25 19:10Profile

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