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 SI suggests this sermon! Awesome!

This is suggested by SI and I just listened to it. It is very sobering and changed my life. I mean that literally too. Glory to God.

God keeps taking a bit of me and replaces it with more holiness, more of Him. I can thank my God for His faithfulness to finish the good work in me that He began no matter how much I failed. He wont stop until I am in His arms. I bow down and worship You with a thankful heart. This is why I can joy in my Lord for He is so compassionate towards me and us. He will not allow us to stay the same. He is making Himself a Bride pure and holy. All glory to God!

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 Re: SI suggests this sermon! Awesome!

For inquiring minds, this is the current 'featured sermon' found on the homepage, "Purity In A Wicked Age" by David Wilkerson.


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This is a very good and timely message! Thanks!


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 Re: SI suggests this sermon! Awesome!

I listened to most of this last night (have to finish it tonite)....I too thought it was excellent! Since I don't personally have the purity problems in my life (I am the one with the fear problems :) ), I always wondered why so many multitudes of people just could not get a handle on this. Why I never got the connection, I don't know, but it is only the fear of God that motivates us to overcome ANY sin problem... So I will begin praying that way for myself and my loved ones.

One quote that really struck me was when he was describing the movies of today - he said that "Hell has vomited the innards out"....There is not a better description of the filth that has taken over our culture! Thank you SI for yet ANOTHER excellent message!

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I had best clarify as well. Purity is not my temptation. Glory to God but He can use anything to bring us into more of a likeness of Himself. Glory to God.

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 Re: SI suggests this sermon! Awesome!

Woe is me, a wretch! this message was a beautiful terror on my heart. I pray the same for all who listen to it whether they struggle with impurity or not. We are all sin stained sinners in need of Christ and the Cross.

Matthew Guldner

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What I admire about David Wilkerson is that, he's been in New York City since the 50's. Yes, he returned to Lyndale a few times, but for as long as I've been alive, "the city" as it's called in the northeast, has also been called "sin city" for as long as we can remember. I was born and raised in NJ - the rest of my family were born in the city, so visiting the city was a common thing for us and me, and when I became a teen back in the 60's and could travel alone by bus and later by car. It was as corrupt back then as one can imagine.

It's one thing to 'be holy' when you live with decent people, have friends mainly from church and only post on a well protected website that demands holiness - but to be in a city that's renowned for it's immorality that is sometimes beyond our ability to describe, is a wholely different subject.

Our 'holiness' is tested when we go where Christians for the most part, dare not go.
David hung in there. He passed the test. And that's why I can listen to him preach on holiness - true holiness.

GOD will one day test each one of us and show us what we're really made out of too. For this my heart prays, that rather than run from these 'sinners', whether on the internet in mixed forums or in our ministries off-line.
They need Jesus and we're the ones who purport to have Him.

My thought is, what safer way to share Jesus now, then on mixed forums, from the safety of our own homes - while we still can reach them and at the same time, get that reality check of how we stand up under the tests that David has been through for all of these decades. Getting in there in the darkest part of this country and making an extreme difference - and though he and others there, have had to hit the floor on their faces many times, they've remained faithful.
With iniquity abounding at an ever increasing rate, whether we like it or not - we eventually will and definitely will, be tested as this man and the fine folk at TSC are, on a daily basis.
Are we truly ready?

 2011/3/3 9:20

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 Re: God speaking through men

What spiritual ground was covered in this sermon! Fellow saints, elders, evangelists, teachers, need to understand that God does deliver to us His prefered words if we are broken and contrite in spirit.If we seek Him with true hearts not incumbered by sin, He will faithfully speak through us. Oh but how few come to God in this disposition. D.W. speaks through a spiritual annointing as do many others that are recorded on this site. It is a great blessing and so spiritually refreshing to hear God speak through humbled men as his vessels of delivery. It is not men we desire to hear but God. The humbled vessel points to God and when we are directed to Him our hearts and minds profit. God does speak purposefully to His children through these jars of clay! Thank you for posting that.

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