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 Who is the focus of my life?

Who is my focus on today? As I go through out this day, as I tend to the chores that must be done, the appointments that must be kept, who is my focus on? As life's trails,tribulations and sorrows come in at an ever growing number and faster pace...who is my focus on? Today as the skies are thick and heavy with uncertainty,and the world spins further into darkness... who is my focus on? When all is said and done at the end of the day, when I lie down and close my eyes to sleep...was this day spent living for You Lord or was it spent focusing on self? It is not surprising that by the end of the day I feel overwhelmed, burdened, and full of fear and worry when through the day my eyes have been set upon the things happening to me, or around me....Lord help me to finally learn to lay down this life, to be willing to abandon it completely holding nothing back from You. Lord help me to keep my focus on You, my eyes on You, this life lived in You!! Lord please help me to live the words..."Its no longer I that live but Christ Jesus who lives in me."

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 Re: Who is the focus of my life?

May the Lord shine on you with His favor MaryJane.

Sometimes I think, the worse it gets, the better. The more impossible it gets, the easier it is to stay focused on Jesus because, then I REALLY know I can't make it without Him.

He remains the glory and the lifter of your head!



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 Re: Who is the focus of my life?

Amen. Good posts MaryJane and Ruf. Seems the message of the day. Just after I woke, I realized that, in my not quite awake state, that 'something' wanted me to get my eyes on something that would cause me to lose that Peace that passes All understanding and on to my own feelings about; as you alluded to MaryJane; just 'responsibilities' to our loved ones alone, that can do that to us.
Thank you for posting this prayer Sis!

 2011/2/28 9:46

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