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Thanks Jesus-is-God,

I have not yet read Elliot's biography of Carmichael. However, on your recommendation, I just placed it in my Amazon wish list. (to wait for the opportunity to take advantage of Amazons "super saver" free shipping.:)

Was touched deeply by Elizabeth Elliot's statement on the back cover about Amy Carmichael. "She showed me the shape of godliness."

In our age of unhealthy obsession with physical beauty, such a poignant description of a Godly woman leaves me startled at how "unseeing" I can be towards such women in my life. From my grandmother, to my mother, to my wife...what beautiful treasures Godly women truly are.

I really appreciate the book recommendation and look forward to reading it,


Mike Compton

 2011/2/26 13:19Profile

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Celina, Texas

 Re: Appreciate y'alls guidance

Jimmy, I liked that thing on the second reformation. I believe we are living in the most interesting of times.

Hola Compton!

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